Disney Day 8 – Heading Home

I didn’t take any pictures of the trip home except this one. It’s me all bundled up in the wonderful fleece blanket Amanda got me. Helped me miss them all a little less. Home we go!

Disney Day 7 – Epcot

Another day at Disney (and Starbucks), another day checking in with family and friends, and our last day in the parks. Continue Reading →

Disney Day 6 – Magic Kingdom

Today was my favorite park…the Magic Kingdom! And we all wore our family shirts! So excited to take Zachary around and soak up the magic! Continue Reading →

Disney Day 5 – Hollywood Studios

Day two and time for Hollywood Studios! The day broke with lots of sunshine…and freezing cold temperatures! But we bought hats and gloves and enjoyed the day! Continue Reading →

Disney Day 4 – Animal Kingdom

Our first Disney park day was at Animal Kingdom. We chose it because the weather was supposed to be good…and we were really hoping to get to see some animals! We sure did! Continue Reading →

Disney Day 3 – Family Time

Day three saw Josh, Laura and Sean arriving, a helicopter ride, play time, a birthday party, and visiting with cousins. Quality family time! Continue Reading →

Disney Day 2 – Getting There

After catching a few hours of sleep, it was back in the car and off to Florida. Grandma and Grandpa Raab, and Amanda and Jason beat us to Florida. Continue Reading →

Disney Day 1 – On the Road

Hooray! The day I’ve been planning for is finally here! Disney Family Vacation! I can’t wait! We hit the road early, leaving John home to house and pet sit. We headed southeast for Florida to enjoy a week-long vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Raab, Josh and his family, and Amanda and Jason. Fun! Continue Reading →

Ride Hard or Stay Home!

Just a little something I threw together with the pics and videos from our Three Sisters ride. See more in the Gallery.

Slept With A Koyote and Rode the Three Sisters!

On March 30th we took a weekend run to Kerrville with our friends to enjoy the spring weather, the bluebonnets, and to ride the Three Sisters…a set of three highways known for their twists and turns up in the hill country.

Continue Reading →

Koyote Ranch Trip

Tony and the other guys in the neighborhood who ride Harleys got together for a men only group trip. They headed down to the Koyote Ranch and rode the Three Sisters run through the hill country. They had a blast and the ranch was so nice that we’re planning a couples trip there in the spring.

The Estes Bunch Goes to San Antonio

This year, instead of just Tony and I going to Sturgis, SD for the bike rally, we took the family to San Antonio for vacation. As usual, we rented a vehicle, since none of our cars is big enough for the whole family. We loaded up the gang and we were off! Continue Reading →

Hanging at the Pool

The boys had a good time in the pool at our hotel. Continue Reading →

A Baptism and Burgers

We rented two cars, packed our bags, and headed for Houston for the Fourth of July weekend. Continue Reading →

Road trips, Rugrats, and Reunions!

After Amanda and I got done setting the venue for her wedding, Tony and I jumped in our rental car and headed for Alabama. Tony’s 25th High School reunion was this weekend and we were headed to Anniston to see other members of the class of 1986. It was a beautiful day for driving for the most part…blue skies, green trees, white puffy clouds. Until we got into Mississippi and hit a little rain…then we got beautiful rainbows. Continue Reading →

Warning: Extremely Long Catch Up Post!

Well, I’ve spent quite a bit of time moving all of my websites over to Midphase – and let me tell you, they are phenomenal! They’ve been great. It won’t be much longer and I’ll have all my old posts back. But, rather than make you wait for updates until then…I’ve decided to just jump right back in! Woo hoo! Let me catch you up with us! Continue Reading →