Loves to Color

After coloring with some markers at Gigi’s house…Aiden woke up the next morning and the first thing he wanted to do was color!

More Coloring

The Troll coloring book is definitely Aiden’s favorite! Continue Reading →

Fun at Gigi’s

I went to Walmart on my way home from work and picked up some crayons, markers, coloring books and a doodle pad for Aiden. We had so much fun with them! Continue Reading →

Opening Night

So glad that Amanda’s friends were able to attend the opening night of her show. We will go to a Sunday matinee, since she needs us to babysit Aiden for her other performances!

Kisses and Bowling

Aiden, for some strange reason, decided that he needed to give the skeleton on Tony’s SOA blanket a kiss! Then he settled down to play on a bowling app on Tony’s iPad. Continue Reading →

THE Amanda Parkhurst

Amanda’s slide for her part in Rumors! Can’t wait to see the show!

Benbrook Lake

I took a day off of work and Tony and I went fishing on Benbrook Lake. We didn’t catch anything, but it was nice just to be together. Continue Reading →

Beans and Cornbread

Tony made beans and cornbread for us! Yummy! Noone makes it like Tony! Sooo stuffed! Continue Reading →

Vamping It Up

Amanda’s hair and make up for her part in Rumors!

Made You Look

The boys (and Tony and I) are always trying to get each other to look when we make this symbol. We’ve stooped as low as texting the image to each other! Ha ha ha! Never a shortage of silliness in our family!

Breakfast at IHOP

Caleb babysat Aiden, so Amanda and Jason took him out to breakfast the next morning! I love that my kids are so close! Continue Reading →

Hello Alana!

Liam’s new girlfriend came over for a bike ride and to watch movies! She’s a very sweet girl! Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl

Amanda during her first dress rehearsal for Rumors!

Out With Aiden

Caleb babysat Aiden while his mom was at rehearsal and dad was at work. They went to McDonalds and saw a really cool motorcycle while they were out. I am proud of Caleb for being so good with Aiden. Continue Reading →

Uncle Donny Pay Attention To Me

Aiden loves his uncles…even when they aren’t paying attention!  Continue Reading →

Guitar Hero

Aiden loves to play along with his Pappy and uncles! We’ll have to work on that grip, though! Continue Reading →

Beautiful Butterfly

My sweetie surprised me with a lovely butterfly necklace! So pretty! Love you, Tony! Continue Reading →

New Motorcycle

Aiden loves motorcycles…including his new one! Pappy may have really started something with this obsession!

Strike a Pose

Caleb…strikin’ a pose at the Joshua Park.

Born to Ride

I can’t believe that Aiden is riding his bike…at the age of TWO!!! He’s just such a big boy! Continue Reading →

Parkhurst Family Dinner

Love my silly kids…and grandkids! Just some selfie fun while they are out to dinner! Continue Reading →

Third Try

Amanda had her third try at the fertility clinic…crossing our fingers.

He Had It Comin’ – Or Did He?

I was so excited to go see the musical Chicago with Amanda at Bass Hall today! We only got halfway through the show when a text from Caleb sent us racing home. Continue Reading →