Beautiful Butterfly

My sweetie surprised me with a lovely butterfly necklace! So pretty! Love you, Tony! Continue Reading →

Pretty Things From My Sweetheart

I don’t know what I did this week…but my honey practically showered me with gifts! Such lovely rings! I love you, honey! Continue Reading →

Our Little Aiden

Amanda posted this cute little mashup of sonogram pictures on her Facebook page. We can’t wait to meet our first Grandson!

Austin, Google, and IT of the Year

My annual trip to Austin for the Texas Computer Educators Association conference was particularly special as I was invited to attend an event at Google headquarters, and I won IT of the Year for Texas! Continue Reading →

Hunting Buddies

Tony and I spent some quality time down at the hunting lease. Although…I did more sleeping than hunting! Continue Reading →

The Gift of Starbucks

I did some emergency work on my friend Kimberli’s website, and she surprised me with a HUGE gift – Starbucks…and a lot of it! Thanks, Kimberli!!! You’re the best!

Birthday in Slippers

Thanks to the weather, I spent my birthday relaxing…in my favorite Rudolph slippers. Happy Birthday to me.

Love My Holiday Nails

A manicure always makes me feel better! Love my holiday nails! Christmas can begin!

Just So Me

I just want to drink coffee, create stuff, and sleep! Love this shirt! Thank you, Kimberli Brackett, for sending me this!

My Name is Jean ValJean

If you’re a Les Miserables fan you’ll totally understand why I squealed and raced for my camera as I helped my friend unpack this box…LOL. You’ll see it…give it a minute. If you don’t know why it’s a big deal…comment and I’ll tell you.

You Just Got Flashed!

This year for convocation I got to set up and run a flash mob! It was AMAZING! We had so much fun! AND…I got to take that off of my bucket list! Continue Reading →

From 70k to 5k – Student Loans

I am so happy right now I could just spit – don’t worry…I won’t. But I really am infused with such a sense of relief and euphoria that I just have to share my news with the world. I just finished the process of consolidating my student loans from my Masters Degrees (yes, that’s plural), getting income based payments, and dropping my monthly payments from $783.53 to $47.83 a month!!! Continue Reading →

Jason Popped The Question

We had a lovely anniversary dinner tonight at the Hoffbrau Steakhouse in Fort Worth. Jason’s parents were also celebrating their anniversary so it was even more fun to all be together. Continue Reading →


One of my favorite pictures from our field trip to the Dallas Aquarium (as part on the summer camp our department ran) was this great close-up of a sloth. We used to see them a lot when we lived in Panama. The kids were amazed that it could just hang there and completely ignore them. Ha ha!


Amanda tried on wedding dresses today…getting an idea about what style she’d like. She was beautiful. It was so much fun.

Humanitarian of the Year

My mom won the PVAMU Humanitarian of the Year award. Long overdue and much deserved. I was honored to get to be there to see her receive this award. Love you, mom!

Talking to Astronauts

During our summer camp in June of 2008, Donovan and I both got to speak to Astronaut Greg Chamitoff as he orbited the Earth in the International Space Station. It was amazing. We were one of the few schools in the world who were awarded the opportunity, and both Donny and I will never forget it. Here’s a little video clip of us.

How To Annoy Your Sister

I had to make a video for my Masters’ class. This is what I came up with. We had a lot of fun making this video and the whole family got in on the act.

My Babies

Sigh…children grow up way too fast. This video is from around 2003-2004. Continue Reading →