Old Dog, Warm Fire

Our poor dog, Dexter, isn’t getting any younger. He’s been sick, but doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain. We’re not sure how long he’ll be with us…so he gets the warmest spot…right in front of our first Christmas fire of the year.

Little Romeo

I love our groomer, Sam. She always makes my Romeo look adorable.

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Doggie Love

Sometimes Latte forgets what a big dog she is…so when she tries to give you love…she squishes you. She decided to smother Tony with love. Continue Reading →

Begging at the Table

I wonder why the dogs all seem to begging at Tony’s end of the table…hmmmm. Continue Reading →

Patriotic Puppy

My groomer painted Zoe’s toenails red and blue for the 4th of July! Too cute!

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Latte and the Laser

Caleb introduced Latte to the joys of red laser pointers. Goofy dog!

All Trimmed Up

Finally got him groomed! Romeo looks great now!

A new groomer

We love our new dog groomer! Not only does she come to the house (my dogs barf on car rides), but she’s a former student! Love her and her passion for animals! She’s our only groomer from now on! Here’s her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Sams-Stylin-DeFurs-667303333324151/?fref=ts


The Cone of Shame

After being neutered, the vet didn’t want Romeo licking his stitches…so our poor little man was put into the Cone of Shame! Continue Reading →

Latte at the Vet

We love this little girl! Time for Latte to see the vet for shots. We sure love this little stray – we call her our little Lala! Continue Reading →

Bad Dog!

Romeo finally got big enough to jump from the floor to the chairs…and from there to the kitchen table. He learned VERY quickly that he’s not allowed to do that! Bad dog!

Just Too Cute

Love this little puppy…so we had to take a ton of photos! More in the post. Continue Reading →

Zoe Love

Zoe is just devoted to Tony. She loves to sit in his lap and get love! Continue Reading →