Dance Moves

My brother posted a video of his boys (little ones) dancing on Facebook. So Donny and Caleb made a video to post in response…hilarious!

My Silly Boys – So…So…Silly

My crazy boys! They always make me laugh. They will do just about anything…as long as it’s completely silly! Continue Reading →

Splish Splash

Love this little man…and he loves to splash!

Birthday Chicken Dance

The whole family went to Babe’s for dinner after our photo shoot. Of course, we had to have the birthday boy do the chicken dance to celebrate turning 14.

Liam’s Christmas Choir Concert

The Men’s Choir sang God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch. Great concert! Continue Reading →

John’s Home Assessment

In order to get out of the rehab facility, John had to prove that he could go up the stairs at his apartment (as well as get around in the apartment). John passed with flying colors and will be going home on Monday! Continue Reading →

John is the Stair Master

John had to prove he could do the stairs to be able to go home. He did the stairs twice (4x’s the number he needs to do at his apartment). So proud.

Caleb and the Balloon

Caleb got a balloon down from the ceiling at the rehab facility…then John hit it and it went to the ceiling…and then it popped when Caleb tried to get it down. Poor Caleb.  Continue Reading →

When Mom Photobombs Your Selfie

Just because she can! And of course…Caleb was being silly in the car. Click through for video! Continue Reading →

Cards with Uncle John

Took the boys up to visit Uncle John and play some cards. As usual, hilarity ensued. We found a cheese stick in Donny’s pocket…and the boys were just generally goofy! Continue Reading →

First Ride

Took the new motorcycle out for a quick spin (and breakfast) on the first day of November. It was a nice ride.

My Sweet Grandbaby

Aiden says he wants to come see his Gigi!



John’s Injury Update

After falling off the curb in the photo above, John had to have double knee surgery to reattach the tendons to his knees. He spent almost a week in the hospital, but they were able to get him up and standing with his immobilizer leg braces on. Continue Reading →

Joshua NJROTC Navy Birthday Ball

Tony and I attended our second JHS NJROTC Navy Birthday Ball. As always, the cadets did an amazing job hosting this event. Caleb sang in the choir and his Armed Drill Team performed. Proud of all of these great kids. Continue Reading →

Liam and Caleb Choir Concerts

Liam and Caleb had their first choir concerts of the year. Enjoy the videos! Continue Reading →

Happy 19th Birthday Donny

Can’t believe our boy is 19 now! He’s living on his own, has a job…we are so proud of our boy! Continue Reading →

Jurassic Park…ISH

This is what happens when you give Caleb a gas mask. This is how we roll people.

Aiden’s Second Month

Here are the videos and images that Amanda posted of my FABULOUS grandson for September. Continue Reading →

Aiden’s First Month

Photos and videos that Amanda has posted online for Aiden’s First Month. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 5

We got a call at about 1am that Amanda was in labor and having pain. It took no time for me to jump out of bed, wake Tony up, and for us to get to the hospital. Amanda labored for 12 hours and was the sweetest, most polite woman in labor I’d ever seen. After 12 hours the doctors became worried about her and Aiden and rushed her down for an emergency C-section. In a matter of minutes, Aiden was born and both of them were doing well.  Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July! Travis and Anita invited us over for a cookout and swimming. Their backyard is just beautiful. I wish we had their back yard. The boys loved the pool and Tony and I enjoyed the pond, waterfall, and koi fish. Continue Reading →