John’s Injury Update

After falling off the curb in the photo above, John had to have double knee surgery to reattach the tendons to his knees. He spent almost a week in the hospital, but they were able to get him up and standing with his immobilizer leg braces on.


Then we had to move him to an assisted living facility for 6+ weeks since he can’t bend his legs at all for 6 weeks. Then he’ll need rehab to learn to rebend them and walk without the braces.


The braces are uncomfortable and don’t help with the bruising from surgery.


John developed a small infection in his left knee so is on antibiotics and trying to stay in good spirits. They finally got him a bed long enough for him, the facility doesn’t get many guys as tall as John.


John does OT and PT daily and has really gotten good at walking with a walker. Still can’t wait to get those braces off, though.