Ready for Aiden – Day 5

We got a call at about 1am that Amanda was in labor and having pain. It took no time for me to jump out of bed, wake Tony up, and for us to get to the hospital. Amanda labored for 12 hours and was the sweetest, most polite woman in labor I’d ever seen. After 12 hours the doctors became worried about her and Aiden and rushed her down for an emergency C-section. In a matter of minutes, Aiden was born and both of them were doing well. 

The nurses were adamant that noone besides Jason could hold the baby before Amanda got to. We got to see Aiden as they brought him up to the nursery to clean him up, weigh him, give him his shots, etc. Then Tony and I snuck down to the recovery room to check on our little girl.

After they brought Amanda upstairs, we were all able to get our hands on our little man. What a beautiful baby and what a strong, brave mama. We couldn’t be prouder or happier.