Jewelry Just Because

When your hubby buys you jewelry…just because! #loved

Thanks, Bubba!

Big thank you to my brother, Johnny! I love this autism t-shirt!! Thanks for getting it for me! Love you!

Mom on Strike

That. Is. It. I’m done doing the dishes. Everyone just grabs a new cup, a new bowl…and never washes the one they used prior. Well…I’ve had it. This chore is getting delegated to someone else.

Bacon Cheeseburger Pie

It’s what’s for dinner. Yep…this whole post is just to show you how yummy this pie was! Recipe in post. Continue Reading →

First Spring Ride

Nothing like a sunny day and a motorcycle! Our first ride of the spring. It was a little windy and chilly…but fun!  Continue Reading →

Spring is in the Air!

Bright blue sky, beautiful white blooms. Spring is finally here! Continue Reading →

Dance Moves

My brother posted a video of his boys (little ones) dancing on Facebook. So Donny and Caleb made a video to post in response…hilarious!

Men Need Meat

I got a hilarious text from my hubby, who was apparently over all the casseroles I’d been making for dinner lately. He simply said…I am a man. Men need meat. Bring home meat.  Continue Reading →

My Silly Boys – So…So…Silly

My crazy boys! They always make me laugh. They will do just about anything…as long as it’s completely silly! Continue Reading →

Beautiful Morning

Tony took a fishing trip to Purdis Creek and got these beautiful photos. Continue Reading →

Someone Missed Me

Got home from Austin, and my hubby had these beautiful rings for me. He knew I was feeling down about John, and wanted to cheer me up! I love this guy!


On our way home from getting Caleb a costume for his choir concert…we saw this minivan. Their back window was completely gone…and they’d replaced it with duct tape. Seriously??!! Continue Reading →

Chinese Food With Donny

Tony grabbed Donny for a dude’s lunch at a local Chinese food place. They had a good time hanging out together. It’s hard not to have Donny home any more, but it’s nice to be able to things like this with him. Continue Reading →

Getting Old

Ugh…have to wear my reading glasses all the time to see anything I’m reading. But I can’t walk around in them…so, time to go get bifocals. Sigh.

When You Make Dinner and Noone is Hungry

Why do I bother? Well, just for the record…dinner was made. ARGH!

Breakfast of Champions

Tony enjoyed a little Caldo de Res for breakfast! He loves his Caldo!

Bling! Bling!

Spent some of my Christmas money on new clothes and jewelry! Got an “Amanda” necklace…all blinged out!

Splish Splash

Love this little man…and he loves to splash!

A Visitor from Down Under

Tony’s friend Val Kim from Australia came to visit us for a bit tonight. He and Caleb jammed on guitar and drums, he and Tony talked, and we really enjoyed the visit. Continue Reading →

Uncle John’s Surprises

John sent Caleb a cowboy hat and USMC belt buckle. He also sent Liam a limited edition Vanoss shirt. Awesome gifts! Thanks, Uncle John! Continue Reading →