A Photo Revisited

Amanda wanted to retake a favorite photo of she and Tony…with Aiden. So we put on some bandannas…and recreated the photo. Continue Reading →

Go Home Weather – You’re Drunk

Geez…Texas can’t make up it’s mind about the weather! Sunny and warm, raining and flooding, tornadoes and snow. UGH! What a crazy end to the year. Continue Reading →

Mama and Santa’s Little Helper

I’m so glad we picked up this Santa outfit for Aiden. He was adorable in it!

Aiden’s First Selfie

Aiden started pushing buttons on his daddy’s phone and would up taking his first selfie!!!

Aiden Arrives!!!

Not that we weren’t excited to see Amanda and Jason, but Aiden stole the show! Everyone wanted to hold him and take photos…and he likes to play with the camera on a phone…so he took some selfies too! More photos in post. Continue Reading →

Dinner, Wine, and an Amazing Sunset

Tony took me out to a local German restaurant, The Edelweiss. He had weinerschnitzel and I had jagerschnitzel. They had an amazing wine, Skyfall. Then we saw this beautiful sunset on our way home. A perfect date night.

A Christmas Dragon

Saw this at At Home (formerly Garden Ridge). Took all I had not to buy it. After all, everyone needs a Christmas Dragon. Wonder if it’s still there.

Got My Hair Did!

Love my new haircut! Woo hoo! Love the color too! Thanks to my hubby for sending me to get it done! Continue Reading →

Caleb and the Balloon

Caleb got a balloon down from the ceiling at the rehab facility…then John hit it and it went to the ceiling…and then it popped when Caleb tried to get it down. Poor Caleb.  Continue Reading →

When Mom Photobombs Your Selfie

Just because she can! And of course…Caleb was being silly in the car. Click through for video! Continue Reading →

First Ride

Took the new motorcycle out for a quick spin (and breakfast) on the first day of November. It was a nice ride.

Organized the Pantry

I have the world’s smallest pantry. Ugh. I regularly wind up having to clean it out and reorganize it in a vain attempt to make it more useful. Next house…walk-in pantry mandatory. Thank you, God, for a full pantry – despite my complaining. Click to see the AFTER photo. Continue Reading →

Choose Wisely

Dad sent John a handmade cup – very Renaissance Faire – ish. Made me think of the third Indiana Jones movie – The Last Crusade. Nice cup, though. Continue Reading →

Getting Old

I had to give in and start wearing glasses. Sigh. Getting older sucks.