Happy Birthday Amanda and TJ

Bonnie, Ollie, and MeeMaw came over for Amanda’s birthday. They made Amanda share her cheesecake with TJ (since he’ll be gone for his birthday). They blew out the candles and opened their cards. Happy birthday to our 27 and 26 year olds. Continue Reading →

Birthday Chicken Dance

The whole family went to Babe’s for dinner after our photo shoot. Of course, we had to have the birthday boy do the chicken dance to celebrate turning 14.

Liam Turns 14

Where has the time gone? My little baby is 14 today! I’m just in tears when I see how grown up he looks. He’s lost the chubby little kid look and is now a handsome young man. This mama is feeling old. Wish I could stop time. I love you, son. Happy Birthday! Continue Reading →

Belated Birthday Books

Zachary was thrilled to get some belated birthday gifts from his grandparents today! Disney books! He loved them!!! He grabbed them all and ran to his room giggling! Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday To Me

So..I hit the big 45 today. All in all, not as painful as I’d thought. I got some really thoughtful gifts and spent a quiet night at home. Happy Birthday! Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 18

Zach’s had a rough couple of weeks, refusing to go to school. When I got him out of the house to go to the book store for his birthday, it was the first time he’d left the house in 12 days.  Continue Reading →

Happy 19th Birthday Donny

Can’t believe our boy is 19 now! He’s living on his own, has a job…we are so proud of our boy! Continue Reading →

Meemaw Turns 95

We met up with the family to celebrate Meemaw’s 95th birthday. Bonnie held the event in a church in Denton and the theme was fishing. It was great to see everyone and celebrate together. Continue Reading →

Early Birthday Gift

With Caleb needing a car to practice driving in, Donny had to bring us back Tony’s old work truck. So Tony found a used car to buy for Donny for his birthday. We gave it to him a little early, and Donny was completely surprised! Continue Reading →

Caleb’s Sweet 16 Birthday

We Skyped with Amanda and Jason again to celebrate Caleb’s 16th birthday. It was a special day for Caleb as Tony let him miss school to go skeet shooting all day (just what he asked for), and took him out for Chinese food afterward. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 5

We got a call at about 1am that Amanda was in labor and having pain. It took no time for me to jump out of bed, wake Tony up, and for us to get to the hospital. Amanda labored for 12 hours and was the sweetest, most polite woman in labor I’d ever seen. After 12 hours the doctors became worried about her and Aiden and rushed her down for an emergency C-section. In a matter of minutes, Aiden was born and both of them were doing well.  Continue Reading →

We Have Another Teenager

Liam turned 13! Another teenager in the house! Oh my goodness! Our little baby is growing up way too fast! We went out to eat at Taste of Asia (Liam loves their orange chicken) and to the movies with his friends, then home for a family party! Continue Reading →

Zachary is 17

Can’t believe our boy is 17! He’s so big! And we had donuts instead of cake – because that’s what he likes! Happy birthday, baby! Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Papa Ollie

Ollie went out for Mexican food for his birthday! Nice! Happy birthday, Papa! Continue Reading →

Happy 18th Birthday, Donovan!

Cannot believe our first little boy is all grown up! Donovan turned 18 today! So proud of the young man he has become! Continue Reading →

Happy 46th, Uncle John

We celebrated John’s 47th birthday with a sugar-free cake and gifts! Happy birthday, Uncle Johnny! Continue Reading →

94 Years and Going Strong!

We all gathered at Bonnie and Ollie’s in Denton to celebrate MeeMaw’s 94th birthday! Continue Reading →

Happy 15th Birthday Caleb!

For his birthday, Caleb wanted to go to the movies with friends. Then it was home for a family party that included Skyping with Amanda and Jason. Continue Reading →

Medieval Birthday

For Tony’s birthday this year, we hit the Waxahachie Renaissance Festival. John rented costumes for the boys, they all bought swords, and everyone shot the long bow. It was hot, crowded, and lots of fun! We love this festival! Continue Reading →

Disney Day 3 – Family Time

Day three saw Josh, Laura and Sean arriving, a helicopter ride, play time, a birthday party, and visiting with cousins. Quality family time! Continue Reading →

Pickin’ Up Our Girl

So glad to have Amanda home for a couple of days! Picked her up at the airport today! Missed this girl!

Amanda’s 25th Birthday

Amanda was able to come home for her 25th birthday! We had cake and presents, and the girls and I all went to Babe’s for dinner. So glad to see her. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to have her living so far away. Love our little girl! Continue Reading →

Our Baby Boy is 12

Liam turned 12 today! Cannot believe how big he’s gotten. It’s hard to believe that our last baby is almost a teenager! He loved his gaming headphones and his new iPod touch! Continue Reading →

Birthday in Slippers

Thanks to the weather, I spent my birthday relaxing…in my favorite Rudolph slippers. Happy Birthday to me.

Zachary’s 16th Birthday

We skyped in with Amanda and Jason to celebrate Zachary’s 16th birthday. We had cheesecake, candles, and presents. We sure do love this boy! Continue Reading →