Happy 45th Birthday Uncle John!

We celebrated Uncle John’s birthday!! Even had Amanda and Jason Skype in for the event! Fun times! Continue Reading →

Happy 14th Birthday, Caleb!

We had a “quack-tastic” birthday celebration for Caleb. You couldn’t tell he likes Duck Dynasty could you? LOL. Can’t believe my boys are growing up so fast!

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Tony Turns 45

Tony turned 45 this year, so we had a cookout to celebrate. We invited a bunch of friends, enjoyed a bunch of good food, and celebrated with a bunch of cake! Continue Reading →

Liam Turns 11

I just can’t believe how big my littlest boy has gotten! Already 11 years old! For his birthday, Tony, Uncle John, and I went to have lunch with Liam at his school. Lucky kid…it was pajama day at school too! That night we had a family party.

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Celebrating with Friends

Every year we go over to our neighbors, The Habys, and celebrate the holidays (and the December birthdays) with each other. This year was no different…good food, good friends, good fun. Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 15

Our little boy is getting so big! It’s hard to believe that Zach is fifteen years old! Wow! We had the usually family party, with Amanda and Jason Skyping in from West Virginia. It’s really awesome that technology can help them be a part of our family celebrations.

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Sweet 16

Donovan turned 16 years old this year. For his gift, Tony gave him our old Mercedes to drive – as soon as he gets his license. Continue Reading →

92 and Still Goin’ Strong

Every year we celebrate Tony’s Grandmother’s birthday and his step-father’s birthday on the same day. We usually head up to Bonnie and Ollie’s for the party. There’s plenty of food, family, and fun. Continue Reading →

Another Teenager in the House

We celebrated Caleb’s birthday a day late this year – but it was a great birthday nonetheless. He hit the magical 13 and joined the ranks of teenagers!  Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Randy!

The riding crew threw a surprise birthday party for Randy, AKA Big Papa. We had it at The Rig steakhouse and everyone had a really good time.

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Brittany Turns 21

Our good friends, the Haby’s, invited us to celebrate their daughter’s 21st birthday at On the Border. Lots of food, friends, and fun.

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Happy Birthday Baby!

I’m just in shock. My little baby is 10 years old today. It’s a blow when the baby of the family hits double digits. Sigh. After a yummy spaghetti dinner (I assume…as I don’t eat pasta)…we had a family party with friends, cake, and presents. Continue Reading →

Kim’s Birthday

Tony got me the James Avery ring I wanted for my birthday!! Woo hoo! And then later in the week, our friends had a big party for the people with December birthdays and we all got lots of gifts! Woo hoo! If you’ve got to turn 41…that’s how you need to do it! Continue Reading →

Zachary hits the big 1-4

Fourteen. I just can’t believe that Zach is 14. Of course, he’s taller and bigger than any of us…and is hitting all the puberty milestones…so I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked…but I am. Sigh. I am old. Continue Reading →

Donny Turns 15

My firstborn turned 15 on the 21st of September. I am so very blessed in Donny. He is a loving, caring, sweet boy. He asked for dinner out and a movie with the family for his birthday! He is such a joy to us and we are so grateful to have such a great kiddo! Happy birthday honey! Continue Reading →

Bad Ass at 91

MeeMaw celebrated her 91st birthday this year. We all headed up to Justin to celebrate with her! It was fun to see the family and to see MeeMaw on a big motorcycle! She looked pretty bad ass sitting there though! You go MeeMaw! More pics in the gallery if you want to see!

Uncle Johnny’s 43rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Uncle John! We had a little family party to celebrate with John on his 42nd birthday. Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Baby!

Tony turned 43 on the 18th of May, 2011 and we celebrated on the following Sunday with a casual cookout with neighbors and friends. We had a great time just visiting with everyone. Continue Reading →

Blow Out The Candles

Tony blows out his birthday candles…as we all do a HORRIBLE job at singing Happy Birthday! Ha ha! Aw well…it’s the thought that counts.

Easter 2011

This Easter we headed back up to Justin for an egg hunt and lunch with the grandparents and the cousins. I tried to make some brightly colored whoopee cakes…they didn’t turn out as fabulous as the ones in the magazine. Ah well. What can you do?

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Surgery, Holidays, and Birthdays…Oh My!

Sorry for such a long delay between posts…I’ve been laid up! On December 15th, I had my second surgery to remove my excess skin after my 169 lb weight loss. Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Me…and a Parade!

On Saturday, Caleb rode on the NJE Choir Float in the Joshua parade. It was freezing, but Donny and I wrapped up and stood outside to watch him. Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 12

Yes…it’s a donut…he won’t eat cake…LOL!