Amazing Wedding Trailer

Coleman Anderson did an amazing job filming the wedding and he put together a little trailer for us to see! Hope you enjoy it!

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Our talented niece, Nichole Campbell, took hundreds of photos at the wedding! Here are a few for you to enjoy! We’ll post more as we get them! Continue Reading →

The Wedding – Friends’ Photos

It was a year’s worth of planning, worrying, saving, spending, and hoping…and it was all over in such a short time! Ha ha! It was a lovely wedding! It was hectic, crazy, and full of fun, laughter, and love. I will probably write more about the wedding once I’ve had a little time to rest and reflect. But for now…here are photos from our friends to show you what it all looked like! Professional photos will come later.

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Sharing the Bridal Portraits

We took Amanda’s Bridal Portraits in February of this year, but couldn’t share them until after the wedding (as she didn’t want Jason to see her in the dress until their big day). Now we can share her amazing photos (courtesy of Nichole Campbell Photography).

Wedding Programs – More DIY

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day! And that means taking care of the last minute DIY too! So, Kailey and Dusty came over and we all worked on putting together the wedding programs. Of course, Amanda brought Chloe (because she doesn’t go anywhere without her!) and the little kitty tried to help us too!

We’re All Mad Here

Whew! We finally got the Mad Hatter’s Bridal Tea Party finished! What a fun bridal shower it was too! We put in a lot of work, sweat, and tears…but it was great! The backyard was transformed into Wonderland and our guests were greeted by the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter. Continue Reading →

Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Amanda, Kim, and bridesmaid Kailey all headed to M&M Events to order the bridal flowers. Amanda selected a simple, elegant bouquet of Royal Red roses with crystals in their centers. Jason’s boutonniere will match.

Bridesmaids Bash

All of the girls (except Jamie…’cuz she’s in New Mexico) came over for their trial run for hair and make up. Continue Reading →

Crafts and Cocktails

Several of Amanda’s bridesmaids came over for a little Mexican food and some margaritas. They were awesome and helped us to finish all of the Save the Date cards for Amanda and Jason. Continue Reading →

State Fair Romance

What a great night! Amanda, Jason, cousin Nicole, and I all went to the Texas State Fair to take engagement photos. It was so much fun! Continue Reading →

Props Anyone?

Amanda and Jason came over and we all worked on getting some really cute props built for their engagement photos at the Texas State Fair. We cut out lots of cute letters and sayings to use in the photos. It was fun!

The Couple that DIYs Together…

So Amanda dragged Jason over on Saturday evening to help finish up the groomsmen invitations so we could mail them out. Despite some manly grumbling…Jason did an awesome job with the cards! Continue Reading →

We’ve got a venue!

I am THRILLED!! Amanda, Bonnie, Allie, and I went to the Milestone Mansion to check out the venue for Amanda’s wedding. What a beautiful location! Erica was wonderful, the price was perfect, and the deposit has been paid! Looks like we’ve got our wedding venue! Now we can focus on the details that depended on securing the wedding site.  This is going to be so fun!

Jason Popped The Question

We had a lovely anniversary dinner tonight at the Hoffbrau Steakhouse in Fort Worth. Jason’s parents were also celebrating their anniversary so it was even more fun to all be together. Continue Reading →

The Milestone Mansion

My relief that a venue had been found was short lived….we are back on the venue hunt. Next stop? The Milestone Mansion in Denton. It certainly is beautiful and comes with package deals. We’ll visit on the 24th of June and see if this is where we want to commit to (where AMANDA wants to commit to..ha ha!).


Amanda tried on wedding dresses today…getting an idea about what style she’d like. She was beautiful. It was so much fun.

Fairy Tale Manor

Well, Amanda and I traveled all the way to Frisco today to check out Fairy Tale Manor. And I think we’ve found our venue. Continue Reading →

Who Knew?

I am having the most fun coming up with ideas for Amanda and Jason’s wedding! LOL! I think I missed my calling…I should have been a wedding planner! It’s great! Now he just has to ask her! Ha ha ha!

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