Caleb and Aiden

Uncle Caleb babysits Aiden a lot…and takes him to the park in Joshua! And of course, it’s standard to take a bubble bath in Gigi and Pappy’s Jacuzzi tub! Continue Reading →

ROTC Dance

Liam took his new girlfriend, Alana, to the ROTC dance. My baby is all grown up! Continue Reading →

School of Choice Night

I ran virtual reality tours of the world with our Google Expedition VR headsets at our district’s School of Choice Night. It was really fun. I created an Indiana Jones style poster to advertise! Everyone seem to really enjoy the tour! Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day

I got a beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisies from my sweetheart! And I got him a stand to store his fishing rods! I love this man!  Continue Reading →

Strawberries and Daddy

Aiden tries strawberries for the first time and then snuggles up with dad! Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Aiden

A haircut, some time at Barnes and Noble, and a photoshoot…just a typical day in the life of Aiden! Continue Reading →

Pretty Things From My Sweetheart

I don’t know what I did this week…but my honey practically showered me with gifts! Such lovely rings! I love you, honey! Continue Reading →

Babysitting Aiden

We’ve been watching Aiden several times a week so Amanda can rehearse for a play she’s in. We always have fun! I bought some animal toys and some blocks to keep him busy…and Uncle Liam got in on the action! Continue Reading →


Didn’t go to TCEA for the whole week this year…since we went to Florida in January. But, we did go down and walk the vendor floor one day during the conference.

Grateful For Friends

Grateful to my friend Lindsay who not only bought me some Lu La Roe tights with Maleficent on them…but she brought me coffee to work, too! Thank you, friend! Continue Reading →

Brookman Strong

Just supporting my friend Shelli Brookman! Kick cancer’s butt, Shelli!

Senior Year Blackmail Photos

Oh yeah…these are going into his Senior Year Ad in the yearbook! Continue Reading →

Dinner with Aiden

Caleb was working as seasonal help at Academy…and the Parkhurst Posse decided to descend upon the store! Then they took Caleb out to eat with them! Continue Reading →

ROTC Tomball Competition

The boys went down to Tomball for an ROTC competition…Caleb’s last with the unit. They did well! Continue Reading →

Jurassic Quest

Donny went with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden to Dallas for Jurassic Quest!  Continue Reading →

Cleaning Donny’s Room

Since Donny hadn’t really unpacked since he moved into the apartment…Mama final came over and made him do it! Continue Reading →

Home from Houston

When the New Year’s celebration has just taken it all out of you! LOL! Liam rode home with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden. Guess these two were just tuckered out!

It’s Fall Y’all

I am totally enamored with three-tiered trays right now! I got a couple (started with one…but wound up getting another one today) and thanks to a 70% off sale at Michael’s…I got them both decorated today. Continue Reading →

And Tony Wins Again

Tony took the Taylor Award for largest fish, 3rd time to win! He and the boys enjoyed the camp out and brought home the coveted trophy. Way to go, Chief! Continue Reading →

Visiting Gigi at Work!

This is one happy mama and Gigi!!! My kids are finally home in Texas where they belong! Love having my daughter close…and time to spoil my grandbaby!

Nom Nom Nom

Made a big ol’ batch of pork fried rice for dinner tonight (it’s what you do with left over Easter ham). This stuff is so tasty…and it makes enough to feed an army! Recipe in post. Continue Reading →