The Estes Bunch Goes to San Antonio

This year, instead of just Tony and I going to Sturgis, SD for the bike rally, we took the family to San Antonio for vacation. As usual, we rented a vehicle, since none of our cars is big enough for the whole family. We loaded up the gang and we were off!

Our Rental Car
Our Rowdy Bunch

We got to the hotel, grabbed some dinner, and just chilled out in the room…Zachary took NO time getting undressed and getting under the covers! He was ready to watch some Disney movies and just relax!

Movie Time!

Tuesday came early and we were all dressed and ready to hit Sea World! Doesn’t everyone look thrilled?

Okay...let's go, Mom!

We had a blast at Sea World. We caught the shows (Zach really liked them). We got Zach a wheelchair as walking in the over 100 degree heat was really too much for him. We rode some rides – the boys went on the Steel Eel with Tony, and screamed the whole time. I went on the Great White with Tony – my first roller coaster in over 20 years! Then we grabbed some lunch and headed to the water park inside Sea World. While Tony and the boys rode every water slide in the park, Zach and I hung out in the kiddie pool. We had a really good time just chillin’ in the shallow water and playing in the waterfall. Here are some photos of our day.

Ready to start our day!
Watching them feed the dolphins.
Zachary didn't like to walk in the 100 degree heat
Zach loved the aquariums - I think because they were air conditioned!
Daddy and Zach
Pushing bubba!
Azul is an amazing show and Zach almost got hit by a flying parrot!
Tony was the ride-master! He rode everything...multiple times!
And I rode my first roller coaster in 20 years! It was a little scary!
Lunch time
We got to see baby Shamu!
The boys sat right down in the Splash Zone!
Soaking was nice in the intense heat!

Then it was back to the hotel to rest…we were all sunburned and tired. We got some fast food and before we’d gotten through one movie, the boys were all asleep. We had another busy day planned for Wednesday…the Alamo! We got up early and headed out into another day of record breaking heat – over 100 and no shade to be found anywhere.


Statues downtown
The men of the Alamo
Here we are...the Alamo
Poor Zach couldn't handle the heat. He was miserable.
It's easy to forget that the Alamo is a grave site. So sad.
Such hams
The well and a 140 year old oak tree in the courtyard.

The heat became oppressive and I got really ill, so we cut our day short and we headed back to the hotel. Tony took the boys swimming and Zach and I took a nap. We went to dinner and then just hung out for the evening – we all really just enjoyed being away and not having anything pressing to do.

The next morning we loaded the gang up – hit Ihop and Starbucks…and then headed for home. We didn’t make it to the Riverwalk, but I think Tony and I will go back and do that on our own…when it’s not a million degrees out.

You can see more photos on our Gallery page!