A Baptism and Burgers

We rented two cars, packed our bags, and headed for Houston for the Fourth of July weekend. My nephew Sean was being baptized on the 3rd of July and then we decided to have a little cook-out at mom and dad’s before heading back to Fort Worth. Since mom and dad have such a full house, we stayed in Waller at the Holiday Inn Express. The kids loved the pool and getting to watch TV until late into the evening.

Caleb in the pool.
Splash down for Donny!


Man...it's hot out here.

The next morning we had breakfast and then headed over to Grandma’s to visit and do some shopping (the boys needed dress clothes for the baptism). All the boys (including Uncle Johnny) got a much needed haircut!

From messy to macho!
Zach got a really good haircut!
Much needed haircut for Uncle Johnny!
All finished!
Good Lookin'!

After picking up their clothes, we dropped the boys at Grandma’s house and took Uncle Johnny over to the outlet mall to buy him some much needed dress clothes. He looked very dapper in his new outfit! Tony and I managed to find a few things at the Rue 21 outlet store too. Tony took Zach and John back to the hotel so he could watch the NASCAR race, and the boys and I went to see Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon with Grandma! That day at Best Buy, Grandma bought me an iPad 2 and I’m in 7th heaven!!! I have the best folks in the whole world!


My fabulous new iPad 2!

Then we headed back to the hotel. We got a couple of late night phone calls from Amanda and Jason, who got lost on their way in to town. They finally made it in about 4am and crashed at Grandma’s.

We woke everyone up the next morning when we arrived and it was another quick shopping trip with Grandma to help her pick out a laptop for her and Grandpa to use. Then we headed across town to Josh and Laura’s church for baby Sean’s baptism. It was lovely, and there were several families there with their babies. Sean was tired and trying to sleep, so he didn’t appreciated being woken up and having water dumped on his head…I wouldn’t appreciate it either. He’s such an adorable baby. He reminds me of Donny and Liam when they were little.

After the ceremony (which most of my kids didn’t understand…lots of standing, sitting, and prayers they didn’t know….guess I need to get them to a Catholic church more often)…we headed to Josh and Laura’s house to eat. They served fajitas and all the fixings. It was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the company was fantastic. We gave them their gifts and then we headed for home. Tony had to go back to the hotel to work on his homework for his college courses, I had more work to do for Grandpa, so I holed up with him…and Grandma and the kids watched the first Transformers movie, since she hadn’t seen it. We headed back to the hotel at about midnight and we were all exhausted.

Monday included more shopping for food for our cookout. Jason put the little charcoal grill together, Tony cooked the meat, and Amanda and Grandma made 7 layer dip and other fixin’s to go with the burgers and hot dogs. Everyone pigged out and had a good time.

The grill that Jason built!
The mighty grill maker!
The Grill Master! Yummy!
Extra goodies!

Eventually we all gathered our belongings and headed for the highway and the long trip home. It was fun for the boys to get to watch the fireworks as we pulled into Burleson. We unpacked, pet the dogs, and everyone hit the rack. What a busy, but wonderful trip!