Slept With A Koyote and Rode the Three Sisters!

On March 30th we took a weekend run to Kerrville with our friends to enjoy the spring weather, the bluebonnets, and to ride the Three Sisters…a set of three highways known for their twists and turns up in the hill country.

We all gathered together on Friday morning and headed out. We stopped in Hico for breakfast and then rolled into The Kyote Ranch where we’d be staying. We had a great cabin and the place was peaceful and beautiful.

The next day we headed out to ride the Three Sisters. It was a beautiful day for it…too beautiful as I got a really bad sunburn on my neck (the only place I missed with the sunscreen). We all drove in to Leakey together to the Hog Pen, then Tony and I headed out to make the Three Sisters Run. It was nice to get to spend a few hours together riding through such beautiful country. AND…I earned my Three Sisters patch! Woo hoo!

We enjoyed the local bands that played at the Koyote and just chilled out with our friends. Sunday it was time to hop back on the bikes and head for home! Here are some photos…more on the Gallery page.