Road trips, Rugrats, and Reunions!

After Amanda and I got done setting the venue for her wedding, Tony and I jumped in our rental car and headed for Alabama. Tony’s 25th High School reunion was this weekend and we were headed to Anniston to see other members of the class of 1986. It was a beautiful day for driving for the most part…blue skies, green trees, white puffy clouds. Until we got into Mississippi and hit a little rain…then we got beautiful rainbows.

The Mississippi River
Our first beautiful rainbow.
We saw a complete rainbow, end to end, as we left Mississippi.

We drove the whole 12(ish) hours and rolled into Oxford, Alabama around 11:30pm. We did make one stop in Tuscaloosa at an IHOP for some dinner.

Must have coffee...University of Alabama IHOP!
Once we got to our hotel, we were exhausted…so we crashed. We knew we had a busy day ahead.


We got up and the first thing I did (those of you who know me can sing along) was to get my iced, decaf, venti, skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. Who knew this little town had grown up enough to get a Starbucks. I was SO happy! LOL!

My two favorite things...Tony and Starbucks
Then we hit the local Harley Davidson shop for Tony and he picked up some T-shirts. Then we did a little tour of the town, ran by a couple of his old homes, saw where I used to live with my folks on Ft. McClellan. It was a neat little trip down memory lane.


Tony's old home.

My old house at Ft. McClellan.
Then we were able to find our friends, the Tomlins. We got to hang out with Denice and the kids and it was great to see them all. I can’t believe how big Colton has gotten. His daddy would be so proud!


Colton and his Uncle Tony.
Then we ran by Wal-Mart to pick up some pool toys because TJ, Jackie, and all five of the kids were going to meet us for lunch and some swimming in the hotel pool (more pics in the Gallery). What a cute bunch of kiddos! I’m so glad that we finally got to meet Jackie and the kids. It was good to put names to all the faces and to see them laugh and play in the pool. Jackie dragged TJ into the water fully dressed…and he almost got me in there! LOL! I think we were all a little nervous about the first meeting, but I think it went off really well. I love the kiddos to death and Jackie is a good girl. I am really hoping that everything works out for them all…it hasn’t been easy, but hopefully things will start looking up now.


TJ and his floaties!
Tony helped blow up all the pool toys!
TJ has Gavin...but Jackie's got TJ!
Chris thought he was gonna get dunked! Love that expression!
TJ and Jackie! Awww!!!
Tony get's comfy!

After a while it was time to dry off and hit the road again. Tony and I got showers and got dressed up for his high school reunion. On our way to the reunion, we stopped by to pay our respects at Pete’s grave. He was such a good friend and his is sorely missed. We love you, Pete.

We miss you, Pete.
Too well loved to ever be forgotten.

Next was a quick stop by Tony’s alma mater – Wellbon High School. Doesn’t my baby look good all dressed up?

Wellborn HS - Class of 1986

Then it was on to The Classic on Noble for the reunion dinner. Tony and I had a great time, sat with a bunch of fun people at dinner, and he got to see a lot of familiar faces from high school. I told him that he now has to go to MY 25th high school reunion with me…in Pennsylvania!

Class of 86

We were both so exhausted from the long drive that we decided to skip the after-party and headed straight back to the hotel. The next morning we got to see TJ, Jackie, Katelyn, and Destiny for breakfast at Shoneys. (Tony was trying to eat at all the places we don’t have in Texas…I tried to figure out how to bring some Hardees home for Amanda without it getting all nasty…but never did figure out a way to do that). I snuck over to Starbucks with my new Starbucks buddy, Katelyn, and then we had to hit the road for home. I read Tony’s history readings out loud to him on the drive so he could get his homework turned in when we got home. We finally got to the airport and dropped off the rental..jumped in the Mercedes and after a stop at my local Starbucks (you knew THAT was coming) we headed home.

WHEW! It was a crazy weekend but it was so much fun! I really was glad that we got to meet Jackie and the kids and see TJ….and seeing Colton was awesome. I’m ready for a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing…but that won’t be tomorrow…because I’m going with Amanda to look at wedding dresses again! LOL! Check out the site for swimming videos and there are more pics of the kiddos on the gallery page!