Disney Day 6 – Magic Kingdom

Today was my favorite park…the Magic Kingdom! And we all wore our family shirts! So excited to take Zachary around and soak up the magic!

We put on our shirts and took a family photo…


Then it was in the car and off to the park.


We took the tram in…and stopped on Main Street at my happy place INSIDE my happy place…Starbucks!

IMG_0809 IMG_0808

IMG_0812 IMG_0811

Then there was the obligatory stop for photos in front of the castle (the were doing some renovation…so the big crane couldn’t be helped.

IMG_0814 1559377_10202876471934154_370753022_o

We split up again – with Grandma and Grandpa going with Josh and Laura, the boys going with Amanda and Jason…and Zachary and Liam walking around with us. We hit a bunch of character meet ups first!

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0826 IMG_0840


It was another short day for Zachary…so we headed back to the house while the kids continued to enjoy the park.

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Love this family and this vacation…but wish Zachary could’ve tolerated more. It’s hard on a mama to split up from all of her kiddos and miss out on watching them have fun. But we all meet up at the house each night to talk about our days and share stories. We are blessed.