Back to Bama

Tony, Liam, and TJ left early on the 1st to tow TJ’s truck back to Alabama. Hated to see them go, but knew they had to. Hope it won’t be too long before we see TJ again. Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Amanda and TJ

Bonnie, Ollie, and MeeMaw came over for Amanda’s birthday. They made Amanda share her cheesecake with TJ (since he’ll be gone for his birthday). They blew out the candles and opened their cards. Happy birthday to our 27 and 26 year olds. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 7

The saddest day of our trip. We get to help get Aiden home from the hospital, but we have to leave at 4am the next morning, so won’t get to spend more than this last day with him until Christmas. Continue Reading →


TJ took one of Amanda’s maternity photos and did a little creative editing! Hilarious!

Ready for Aiden – Day 3

Today we woke up and ate breakfast at Hardees. We’ve missed that southern fast food chain. Tony was sweet and drove two exits down the highway to get me some Starbucks (thank goodness), and then we headed over to see Amanda and the gang. We watched movies, walked around a little, and just spent a quiet day enjoying being together. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 2

We got up early and met the kids at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then we just chilled at Amanda’s house before catching the movie Ant Man. It was really good! After a run to the local Walmart, I made some 7 layer dip, cowboy caviar, and later made dinner. It was a great, quiet day with family.

Ready for Aiden – Day 1

Tony and I got the word from Amanda that she would be induced soon, so we jumped on an airplane and headed to West Virginia. We flew into Pittsburgh, and rented a car for the drive south. It was beautiful country, beautiful weather, and we were excited about seeing Amanda, Jason, and TJ (who had driven to WV with his Uncle Paul). Continue Reading →


My boys are so handsome with their after-Christmas haircuts! Continue Reading →

Trying the Caldo

Tony took TJ hunting before Christmas. He also took him to his favorite restaurant in Brady to get Caldo De Res.

TJ Visits Amanda

TJ went to West Virginia to visit Amanda and Jason. They visited an amusement park. They sure look amused! LOL!

The Kids Come Home

So excited to have Amanda, Jason, and TJ home for Thanksgiving! I miss my kids so much when they’re away. It was really great to have them home for the holidays! I hope that this happens much more frequently in the future!

Continue Reading →

New Tattoo

TJ and Tony decided to put a koi fish on TJ’s shin. Not finished yet, but it looks pretty good!

Urban Jungle

TJ and Jason caught an opossum at Jason and Amanda’s apartment complex. Just goes to show what you can do with enough free time and a lack of fear of rodent-like animals!

Breakfast With The Boys

We hit our favorite breakfast restaurant, The Porch, today! We took Caleb too, since he was up! It’s nice to have TJ here and I’m thrilled that he’s staying for a month!

Christmas in June

TJ missed spending Christmas with us last year, so after the wedding, he came over and we watched him open his Christmas presents! He’s lost a lot of weight since Christmas, so we all got a good laugh that some of the T-shirts might be a bit large for him now!

Happy Mother’s Day to Me

This year was the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had!┬áIt was a week of fun! Continue Reading →

Amanda’s Mom Passes

Most of you know that we do not have a good relationship with Amanda’s mom. Well, she passed away on Oct. 28th. I would like to thank MY mom for the plane ticket money so that Amanda and Jason could get down to Alabama for the funeral. And we’d like to thank everyone who prayed for Amanda and TJ during this troubling time. We love our kids and our hearts hurt for them, and your prayers and kind words really have made a difference. Thank you.

Road trips, Rugrats, and Reunions!

After Amanda and I got done setting the venue for her wedding, Tony and I jumped in our rental car and headed for Alabama. Tony’s 25th High School reunion was this weekend and we were headed to Anniston to see other members of the class of 1986. It was a beautiful day for driving for the most part…blue skies, green trees, white puffy clouds. Until we got into Mississippi and hit a little rain…then we got beautiful rainbows. Continue Reading →

A 200 Pound Update

“Hi guys! I know I haven’t updated lately, but I’ve been trying to recover from my surgery, get back into the swing of work…and my next Masters’ class started. Add 5 kids, a husband, and my brother to that mix…and I’m pooped by the end of the day! Continue Reading →

Flat Tires, Lions in the Kitchen, and the Prodigal Son Returns

November has been full of all kinds of doin’s! Where to start…

We sold our old van to Tony’s brother, Russell. Since Amanda bought the Honda from us, that leaves me driving the Mercedes…darn it! Ha ha! And with the van gone…I can finally park in the driveway! It’s so nice! Here’s our goodbye picture of the van…with it’s new owner. Continue Reading →