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A 200 Pound Update

“Hi guys! I know I haven’t updated lately, but I’ve been trying to recover from my surgery, get back into the swing of work…and my next Masters’ class started. Add 5 kids, a husband, and my brother to that mix…and I’m pooped by the end of the day!

The family is doing really well. The boys are doing well in school. We had a small instance with Donny…he got in a fight at school because some kids were teasing him. It was minor and has blown over, and we did not ground him for defending himself. It seems junior high kids today think a cleft chin is something to crack jokes about. Apparently they’ve never heard of Michael Douglas. Sigh.

Tomorrow Amanda moves into her new apartment with her roommate, Dusty. She’s very excited and it will be nice to have our couch back. She’s looking forward to no curfews and some autonomy…I’m looking forward to her learning to pay her own bills..ha ha ha! It’s time…she’s old enough…and it’s good for her.

TJ is in New Jersey doing the training that will prepare him for his tour in Iraq. He’s doing well but had a pretty bad cold when we spoke to him on his birthday. Imagine training for the desert in New Jersey…in January. That’s the military for you! They had deployment ceremony for TJ’s group in Demopolis, Alabama and Tony and Amanda went. I will add some pictures as soon as I get them from the other two. I didn’t go because it was too soon after my surgery.

I went back to my old stomping grounds…Alvarado High School. It was so good to see my old friends – shout out to Connie and the gang! It was also sad…it’s not the same place any more. Ah well, I was lucky…I worked with amazing teachers and some truly incredible students. It was a good run.

Some upcoming events…Tony and I are going to a Mavs game next week, then he’s taking the boys two weeks after that. Tony and I will be biking to Sturgis, South Dakota for their annual bike rally this summer…and TJ should deploy for the Middle East in March.

And now…for the 200 pound update…here’s my latest picture showing my weight loss progression. I went out and bought some new clothes this week (had to…nothing fit). I’ve gone from a size 32/34 to a size 10/12!!! Woot! I’ll be taking my measurements this weekend and will let you know how many inches I’ve lost. But now…without further ado…

It’s nice to be able to tuck my shirt in again! ha ha! I’m still swollen from surgery, especially my hips and stomach, but I haven’t been this little in almost 2 decades and I’m loving it! Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Okay, I’m off to bed…I still get tired easily. It seems like 5 weeks is a long time, but when you’re recovering from surgery…it’s not that long!  Much love!

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