Ready for Aiden – Day 7

The saddest day of our trip. We get to help get Aiden home from the hospital, but we have to leave at 4am the next morning, so won’t get to spend more than this last day with him until Christmas.

After what seemed like an eternity (it always seems that way when you’re trying to get out of the hospital) we got to take this little cutie pie home! Jason had decorated the house, bought cupcakes and balloons, and had everything ready to bring his firstborn home. It was super sweet.

We stayed at Amanda’s until we had to get to the hotel and sleep before our departure. I’d forgotten my camera and Tony turned the car around so I could go get it. Walked in on my poor girl crying. Leaving her with her new baby was the hardest thing to do. I will miss her so much. Tony even went back inside to make sure she was okay. We love them all with all of our hearts.