Flat Tires, Lions in the Kitchen, and the Prodigal Son Returns

Posted on November 25, 2009

November has been full of all kinds of doin’s! Where to start…

We sold our old van to Tony’s brother, Russell. Since Amanda bought the Honda from us, that leaves me driving the Mercedes…darn it! Ha ha! And with the van gone…I can finally park in the driveway! It’s so nice! Here’s our goodbye picture of the van…with it’s new owner.

Just a couple of days later, while running to Best Buy to look at laptops with Amanda…we got a flat tire. So we did what any self respecting girls would do – we let Tony handle it while we went next door for some wings! Ha ha! But first, we took some cute pics!

With the cold weather (and the advent of gun hunting season) Tony has been spending every minute he can spare in the woods. He talked me into going with him again…and I got to see 6 deer (3 does and 3 fawns). It was cool. There are some horses and a little white donkey on the property too – and they liked the pretzels I’d brought with me…a little too much. They started crowding me and pushing me with their noses…I was really worried that they were going to step on my feet! They followed Tony and I all the way to the car! Tony also takes the boy out with him on the weekends. Liam particularly loves to go!

On the 17th, Liam had his 2nd grade musical. They were singing Disney songs, and Liam’s group were dressed as lions. They sang Hakuna Matata. Tony painted Liam’s face and we used some faux fur and one of my headbands to make his mane and ears. He looked so cute! The musical was great and I’ll post the video of it soon! I’ve got to rip it off of the camcorder. Here are a few pics of our little lion- click on a thumbnail to see a larger image!!

And perhaps the biggest news so far this month has been TJ’s return to Texas after a more than two-year absence. For those of you who’ve been living on another planet for the last few years…TJ ran away from home a couple years ago to return to Alabama to live with his mother. It was ugly and nasty. We didn’t speak to him for several years. He contacted us to make amends after going into the military and realizing that what he’d done was wrong. He apologized and we’d been talking for a couple months. He came to Texas to make peace with Tony in person. I have to admit that I was worried about how it was going to go…but it all worked out for the best. We have a long way to go in rebuilding these relationships, but the hardest part is over. We really didn’t do anything major – hung around the house and had  fantastic Bagogi for dinner (Korean stir fry made by my Darlin’ Husband). Tony took TJ hunting with him on Sunday and they got to spend some quality time together. Tony really missed having TJ around. Then TJ spent Sunday night with Bonnie and Ollie. He came back over Monday and after taking him and Amanda to lunch at Rosa’s Cafe, they hit the road for Alabama. I’ll refrain from comment on that, as my girls know how I feel about that. They made it in safely in the wee hours of this morning and so far…seems to be so good. I’ll be counting the hours…but in the meantime…I’ll post some pictures for you! There are lots more in the gallery – so go look! LOL!

As soon as Amanda and TJ left, Tony got a call from his BFF, James to go hunting on the lease in Brady, Texas. Needless to say he left so fast that he forgot his toothbrush! Ha ha! He’s down there now, enjoying the hunting. He’s seen an 8 point and a spike so far.  James’ son, Justin, shot a 9 point buck out there on Saturday. I’m hoping that Tony sees a monster buck and gets a shot at it! It would make his season!

I have been spending my vacation working on my Masters’ classes and scrapbooking. I finished a few more pages in the Disney album…you can see them in my scrapbooking gallery.

We’ll be going to Denton this Thursday to celebrate Thankgiving with Tony’s folks. Should be lots of fun! I love it when we all go up there…they boys come home completely worn out from playing with their cousins! Ha ha! I’m also thankful that I don’t have to prepare any food (other than Zach’s). That’s always nice!

Just 20 more days until my surgery to remove the excess skin left over from my weight loss! I’m excited but a little nervous! Wish me luck!

Well, I’m off to do a couple loads of laundry, read my assignments for class, and scrapbook a couple more pages! All while in my toe socks! Woot!


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