Beans and Cornbread

Tony made beans and cornbread for us! Yummy! Noone makes it like Tony! Sooo stuffed! Continue Reading →

Beautiful Butterfly

My sweetie surprised me with a lovely butterfly necklace! So pretty! Love you, Tony! Continue Reading →

Pretty Things From My Sweetheart

I don’t know what I did this week…but my honey practically showered me with gifts! Such lovely rings! I love you, honey! Continue Reading →

And Tony Wins Again

Tony took the Taylor Award for largest fish, 3rd time to win! He and the boys enjoyed the camp out and brought home the coveted trophy. Way to go, Chief! Continue Reading →

Shoot Em Up

Tony and I took Caleb, Jason, James, and my friend Leslie to the range for a little target practice. I think we all did pretty stinking well! Continue Reading →

Jewelry Just Because

When your hubby buys you jewelry…just because! #loved

Pappadeaux Crawfish Boil

Headed to Pappadeaux for our friend James’ birthday. Tony got the crawfish boil. This guy is cute even in a bib!

First Spring Ride

Nothing like a sunny day and a motorcycle! Our first ride of the spring. It was a little windy and chilly…but fun!  Continue Reading →

Men Need Meat

I got a hilarious text from my hubby, who was apparently over all the casseroles I’d been making for dinner lately. He simply said…I am a man. Men need meat. Bring home meat.  Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

Tony got me the tall, beautiful jewelry stand I’d been asking for! And he’s working hard to help me fill it. What a lucky girl I am!

Beautiful Morning

Tony took a fishing trip to Purdis Creek and got these beautiful photos. Continue Reading →

Someone Missed Me

Got home from Austin, and my hubby had these beautiful rings for me. He knew I was feeling down about John, and wanted to cheer me up! I love this guy!

Chinese Food With Donny

Tony grabbed Donny for a dude’s lunch at a local Chinese food place. They had a good time hanging out together. It’s hard not to have Donny home any more, but it’s nice to be able to things like this with him. Continue Reading →

Say Cheese

My hubby upgraded my camera rig! A new camera, higher pixels, and two great lenses! Now to watch YouTube to learn how to use all of this!

Rodeo Goat

Tony and I enjoyed some mimosas and yummy lunch at Rodeo Goat. Continue Reading →

Breakfast of Champions

Tony enjoyed a little Caldo de Res for breakfast! He loves his Caldo!

A Visitor from Down Under

Tony’s friend Val Kim from Australia came to visit us for a bit tonight. He and Caleb jammed on guitar and drums, he and Tony talked, and we really enjoyed the visit. Continue Reading →

Dinner, Wine, and an Amazing Sunset

Tony took me out to a local German restaurant, The Edelweiss. He had weinerschnitzel and I had jagerschnitzel. They had an amazing wine, Skyfall. Then we saw this beautiful sunset on our way home. A perfect date night.

Father, Son, Fish

Tony and Caleb left early this morning for a little fishin’. They both did pretty well and had a good time together. Continue Reading →

First Ride

Took the new motorcycle out for a quick spin (and breakfast) on the first day of November. It was a nice ride.

Beading with Zach and Daddy

Tony sat at the table and made bead strands with Zachary. Love these guys. Continue Reading →

Turquoise Bling!

My honey got me this beautiful turquoise and coral bracelet as a surprise, since I’ve been so stressed out. Love it. Love him.

Breakfast with the Boys

Just a random run to IHOP for a yummy breakfast. I love these guys. Continue Reading →