Parkhurst Family Dinner

Love my silly kids…and grandkids! Just some selfie fun while they are out to dinner! Continue Reading →

Strawberries and Daddy

Aiden tries strawberries for the first time and then snuggles up with dad! Continue Reading →

Jurassic Quest

Donny went with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden to Dallas for Jurassic Quest!  Continue Reading →

Shoot Em Up

Tony and I took Caleb, Jason, James, and my friend Leslie to the range for a little target practice. I think we all did pretty stinking well! Continue Reading →

Coming Home!

I am so excited that Amanda, Jason, and Aiden are moving home to Texas from West Virginia! We’ve had to go way too long without them! I cannot express the joy in my heart knowing they’ll be close by! Ready for some Gigi time!

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Aiden went to a pumpkin patch with mommy and daddy. Love this little family

Aiden’s Second Month

Here are the videos and images that Amanda posted of my FABULOUS grandson for September. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 7

The saddest day of our trip. We get to help get Aiden home from the hospital, but we have to leave at 4am the next morning, so won’t get to spend more than this last day with him until Christmas. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 6

After getting some sleep and grabbing breakfast for everyone at Burger King, we were back up at the hospital to see our precious grandson and his parents. We all got in some good snuggle time, with Paps showing off his baby burrito wrapping skills. Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 5

We got a call at about 1am that Amanda was in labor and having pain. It took no time for me to jump out of bed, wake Tony up, and for us to get to the hospital. Amanda labored for 12 hours and was the sweetest, most polite woman in labor I’d ever seen. After 12 hours the doctors became worried about her and Aiden and rushed her down for an emergency C-section. In a matter of minutes, Aiden was born and both of them were doing well.  Continue Reading →

Ready for Aiden – Day 4

We started the morning with breakfast at The Poky Dot restaurant. It was a fun little place with lots of bright colors and ridiculously huge portion sizes.  Then it was time to take Amanda to the hospital. They kept her overnight with some medicine to start her dilation and kick start her labor. Tony and I left around 1opm to let her rest.

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TJ took one of Amanda’s maternity photos and did a little creative editing! Hilarious!

Ready for Aiden – Day 3

Today we woke up and ate breakfast at Hardees. We’ve missed that southern fast food chain. Tony was sweet and drove two exits down the highway to get me some Starbucks (thank goodness), and then we headed over to see Amanda and the gang. We watched movies, walked around a little, and just spent a quiet day enjoying being together. Continue Reading →

Amanda’s Maternity Photos

Amanda and Jason had maternity photos taken! Almost time for Aiden to be here! Continue Reading →

Prince Aiden’s Baby Shower

On June 6th we threw a baby shower for Amanda, Jason, and little Aiden.  Continue Reading →

Baby Parkhurst Gender Reveal

It’s a….BOY! In July we’ll be welcoming little Aiden Keith Parkhurst into our family! We can hardly wait! Click the post to see all of the cute pics from Amanda and Jason’s gender reveal photo shoot! Continue Reading →

TJ Visits Amanda

TJ went to West Virginia to visit Amanda and Jason. They visited an amusement park. They sure look amused! LOL!

Amazing Wedding Trailer

Coleman Anderson did an amazing job filming the wedding and he put together a little trailer for us to see! Hope you enjoy it!

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Our talented niece, Nichole Campbell, took hundreds of photos at the wedding! Here are a few for you to enjoy! We’ll post more as we get them! Continue Reading →

Wedding Programs – More DIY

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day! And that means taking care of the last minute DIY too! So, Kailey and Dusty came over and we all worked on putting together the wedding programs. Of course, Amanda brought Chloe (because she doesn’t go anywhere without her!) and the little kitty tried to help us too!

State Fair Romance

What a great night! Amanda, Jason, cousin Nicole, and I all went to the Texas State Fair to take engagement photos. It was so much fun! Continue Reading →

Props Anyone?

Amanda and Jason came over and we all worked on getting some really cute props built for their engagement photos at the Texas State Fair. We cut out lots of cute letters and sayings to use in the photos. It was fun!

The Couple that DIYs Together…

So Amanda dragged Jason over on Saturday evening to help finish up the groomsmen invitations so we could mail them out. Despite some manly grumbling…Jason did an awesome job with the cards! Continue Reading →