Prince Aiden’s Baby Shower

On June 6th we threw a baby shower for Amanda, Jason, and little Aiden. 

We held it at our friend Annette Amos’ church and it was a perfect venue to get together with friends and family to celebrate the coming of our first grandbaby. We had a 6 ft. sub and chips to eat, with lots of cake, cupcakes, and cookies for dessert.

Guests signed a baby blue A with their names and wishes for Aiden, then stamped blue baby feet on the date they thought he’d be born. We asked most people to order gifts online or bring gift cards, as the kids were flying home, but some people did bring presents.

After some fun guessing games and cell phone scavenger hunts, we had a Daddy Olympics. Jason, Kim’s brother Josh, and Caleb all competed in several rounds of competition. They had to diaper a doll, stack play rings on a stand, drink a bottle of gatorade, and put together a wooden puzzle…all while blindfolded. Jason had the fastest time and won a t-shirt that say World’s Best Dad. It was hilarious, and we all had a blast!

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members who were able to share our day with us! Check out all the photos below!