Graduation Party – Get Your Luau On

We through a double graduation party for Donny and Faith – as they both graduated within a couple hours of each other. We picked a luau theme and invited the whole family. It was an awesome time!

Bonnie and Melanie told Faith that she should not try to steal the limelight since it was Donny’s graduation party (not telling her that the party was for her too). She was so surprised when her name was on the cake and we had a graduation gift basket for her as well. It was fun to surprise her.┬áThe kids got fun 2015 glasses, candy, gift cards, graduation cards and money from the guests, and each had the letter of their first name decoupaged with photos of them from infancy to graduation.

We are so proud of both of the kids, and so glad that so many friends and family members could be with us to celebrate!