Uncle Donny Pay Attention To Me

Aiden loves his uncles…even when they aren’t paying attention!  Continue Reading →

Jurassic Quest

Donny went with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden to Dallas for Jurassic Quest!  Continue Reading →

Cleaning Donny’s Room

Since Donny hadn’t really unpacked since he moved into the apartment…Mama final came over and made him do it! Continue Reading →

What a Smile

Can’t get enough of this little man! And Uncle Donny has his smiling from ear to ear! We are all so glad to have this little guy home with us!

Dance Moves

My brother posted a video of his boys (little ones) dancing on Facebook. So Donny and Caleb made a video to post in response…hilarious!

My Silly Boys – So…So…Silly

My crazy boys! They always make me laugh. They will do just about anything…as long as it’s completely silly! Continue Reading →


Had a fun time playing Donny’s new card game, Munchkin.  Continue Reading →

Caleb and the Balloon

Caleb got a balloon down from the ceiling at the rehab facility…then John hit it and it went to the ceiling…and then it popped when Caleb tried to get it down. Poor Caleb.  Continue Reading →

Donovan Wins Costume Contest

Donovan spent Halloween at Silver Jem playing games…and winning their costume contest!

Dinner with Grandma

Grandma Lettie came up for a week to help with John, so she and the boys took a night off and went to Babe’s for dinner. Having her here was a huge help, and John really enjoyed having her company every day.

Selfie Stick Fun

My step-mom, Betty, bought me a selfie stick. Donovan and I had fun playing with it while we visited John in the hospital. Continue Reading →

Happy 19th Birthday Donny

Can’t believe our boy is 19 now! He’s living on his own, has a job…we are so proud of our boy! Continue Reading →

Donny’s New Bed

We finally got over to Donny’s apartment and helped him put his bed together! Got him a new bedspread and everything!

Early Birthday Gift

With Caleb needing a car to practice driving in, Donny had to bring us back Tony’s old work truck. So Tony found a used car to buy for Donny for his birthday. We gave it to him a little early, and Donny was completely surprised! Continue Reading →

Donny and John’s Bachelor Pad

Donny and John moved into an apartment together. It’s a certifiable bachelor pad! They are close to us, but get to have some independence as well. Continue Reading →

First Day of School 2015

The boys all got spiffied up for the first day of school. Tony even shaved Zachary. Donny got to sleep in for the first time in 12 years (he didn’t appreciate the photo…ha ha!). This year we had an 11th grader (Zach), a 10th grader (Caleb), and an 8th grader (Liam). Continue Reading →

Camping with the Boys

Tony and the boys got the camper all cleaned up and went out for a short camping trip. It was a little hot (Donny stayed in the camper to escape the heat and bugs a lot! ha ha), but they had a good time. Continue Reading →

Play Ball

Tony and the boys played catch together. Love these guys.

Continue Reading →

Graduation Party – Get Your Luau On

We through a double graduation party for Donny and Faith – as they both graduated within a couple hours of each other. We picked a luau theme and invited the whole family. It was an awesome time! Continue Reading →

Donovan Graduates

We are so proud of our boy! He graduated from Joshua High School today. Such a good boy and such a big milestone. It was great to have so many family members present to enjoy the big day with us! Continue Reading →

More Dubsmash Fun

The gang came over and we played spoons. If you lost…you had to record a Dubsmash video and I posted it on Facebook. Too fun! Continue Reading →