Donny’s First Day of Robotics Camp

Donny had a blast during his first day of robotics camp. He and his partner had their robot put together and were programming it in no time! I can’t wait to see them take on the really tough missions…I know they’ll do really well! Donny really enjoys programming the robots (and building them…he’s a wiz!).  Continue Reading →

Adios Amigo

Went out with some friends from work to say goodbye to our boss, Pam. It was fun to be with the girls, but sad too. This was a celebration and a goodbye to good friends. I hope we all stay in touch and really try to get together!

Talking to Astronauts

During our summer camp in June of 2008, Donovan and I both got to speak to Astronaut Greg Chamitoff as he orbited the Earth in the International Space Station. It was amazing. We were one of the few schools in the world who were awarded the opportunity, and both Donny and I will never forget it. Here’s a little video clip of us.