Little Romeo

I love our groomer, Sam. She always makes my Romeo look adorable.

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Doggie Love

Sometimes Latte forgets what a big dog she is…so when she tries to give you love…she squishes you. She decided to smother Tony with love. Continue Reading →

Begging at the Table

I wonder why the dogs all seem to begging at Tony’s end of the table…hmmmm. Continue Reading →

Latte and the Laser

Caleb introduced Latte to the joys of red laser pointers. Goofy dog!

Just Too Cute

Love this little puppy…so we had to take a ton of photos! More in the post. Continue Reading →

It’s Tough Being Spoiled

Zoe on the couch again…even though she knows she’s not supposed to be there!

A Boy And His Dog

Caught this sweet moment as Tony studied for his Middle Eastern History class…Zoe just wanted some lap time. She stayed there for an hour, snoozing. So cute!