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Wonderful Wackiness in 2014

A collection of the weird, silly, incredible, and wonderful things that happened to our family in 2014

New Years in Houston

We headed down to Houston for New Years. We celebrated Amanda's birthday, had another round of presents, and ushered in the New Year with fireworks. 12/31/2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had two Christmas Days today. One in the morning with TJ and then another one when Amanda and Jason finally got into town! And we got the best present ever…news that we were going to be grandparents! 12/25/2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve was at Staci's house this year and included Bonnie's traditional white elephant gift exchange. Fun times with family and the Turkey Hat was THE GIFT of the exchange. 12/24/2014

We Have Another Teenager

Our littlest boy is now a teenager! The years have just flown by! We went to dinner and a movie with his friends, then home for a family party. 12/20/2014

Caleb Gets Promoted

So proud of Caleb for earning a promotion in NJROTC. Tony and I were there to celebrate and Tony got to pin his new rank on. 12/10/2014

Thanksgiving With Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Staci's house this year. I didn't take a lot of photos this year, but we sure enjoyed the company! 11/27/2014

The Tree is Up

Got the tree up during Thanksgiving Break! Go me! 11/25/2014

Car Silliness and Glasses

Took the wboys for eye exams and new glasses. We may have gotten a little crazy in the car. Okay...a lot crazy. But everyone looked cute in their new glasses. 11/15/2014

Senior Band Night 2014

The band seniors were honored at the football game, parents got to walk out with them, and they were given lots of items that have symbolic meaning in the band (yes...that's a can of SPAM). So honored to walk out with Donovan. 11/7/2014

Zachary is 17

Our boy is 17 today! Donuts instead of cake - because it's his birthday and he should get what he likes! 11/2/2014

Raked and Flaked - Under Construction

Tony had his bike repainted and is constantly making's the new paint. 11/2/2014

Zombies, Knights, and Bikers

This year for Halloween we had a biker (who later dressed as a knight), a knight, and a zombie NJROTC cadet. The boys had a good time dressing up for school. Then it was out to Trick-or-Treat while mom passed out candy at the house. 10/31/2014

Gabriel Raab

Our newest nephew, Gabriel, joined the family on October 23rd. Welcome, sobrino! 10/23/2014

Homecoming 2014

I made Donny's Senior garter, and garter and mum for Caleb and Alyssa. Whew...lots of hot glue here! 10/16/2014

Houston Aquarium 2014

Kim and Liam spent the day at the Houston Aquarium with Grandma Lettie, Josh, and Sean. Family fun! 10/11/2014

Google Leadership Symposium

I helped write the keynote and presented (with students and teachers from the Chromebook pilot we ran) at the Google Leadership Symposium hosted by BISD. We even trended on Twitter! It was an awesome experience and I enjoyed it a great deal! Would love to work for Google! 10/7/2014

Donny Turns 18

Our firstborn is 18 today! Where did the time go? So proud of this young man! Love you, son! 9/21/2014

Donny's Letter Jacket

Donovan earned his letter jacket! So proud of him and all of his hard work! 9/16/2014

Donny Gets His License

2nd time is the charm. Donny failed his first driver's test because he hit a cone while parallel parking. This time...he nailed it on his first try! Great job!

Happy Birthday, Uncle John

Uncle John turned 46! We had sugar-free cake and presents to celebrate! 9/10/2014

Our Cadet

So proud of our cadet! 9/10 & 9/23/2014

Double Rainbow

Rainbows on the way home from MeeMaw's birthday celebration! Awesome! 9/6/2014

94 Years and Going Strong

We all gathered together to celebrate Meemaw's 94th birthday! Good times! 9/6/2014

Happy 15th Birthday Caleb

Another year older (and ready to get started driving) for Caleb. I took him and some from friends (The Social Butterfly Club) to the movies. We love our goofy boy! As usual, Amanda and Jason Skyped in for the party. 8/31/2014

Back to School 2014

Time to head back to school! Donny is a Senior, Caleb is a Freshman, Liam is in 7th grade, and Zachary is a Sophomore. 8/25/2014

Kim Meets Drew Pearson

After designing the logo for convocation and helping with tech for the event, Kim got to meet Drew Pearson. 8/18/2014

Romeo and the Cone of Shame

After being neutered, the vet wanted to make sure Romeo didn't lick his, they put him in the cone of shame. 8/16/2014

The Fairmont Hotel

Amanda was in town for a Mary Kay Convention, so we met up with her at her hotel in Dallas and enjoyed the rooftop pool. 8/2/2014

Yard Sale

We finally got rid of the piles of clothes and furniture that we'd been saving up for our Yard Sale. We made enough money to buy the boys new beds and bedding! And having Krystal and Ady stop by was an extra treat. 7/25/2014

Amanda's Visit

Amanda came in for a visit! We were so glad to get to spend time with her. 7/23 - 8/2/2014

Graduation Birthday Farewell Cook Out

We held a big family cook out to celebrate Tony's graduation, Faith and Staci's birthdays, and to say goodbye to Joe who was headed off into the Army. 7/19/2014

Tony's Graduation

Tony graduated with his degree in History. 7/19/2014

Bowling with the Boys

Uncle John took the boys bowling. We all had a great time. 7/12/2014


Finally got Donovan and Zachary moved into their room together, new beds and all. 7/8/2014

Time for a Haircut

Zachary did a great job getting his hair cut. We love this boy! 7/7/2014

July 4, 2014

Another fun family gathering at Bonnie and Ollie's in Denton. Happy 4th of July. 7/4/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 7

Final day spend at Animal Kingdom. We left the park and headed straight back to Texas. Long day, long ride, long trip...but worth it! So much fun! 6/14/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 6

Day 6 took us back to Disney - Hollywood Studios. It was rainy and humid, and we spent most of our time in shows...but it was a great day. 6/13/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 5

Today was day 2 at Universal Studios (although it was myfirst day at the park). Donny and I did the Harry Potter world together, then he ran off with his friends and I ran off with mine. Great day. That night we saw the Blue Man Group perform. Awesome! 6/12/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 4

One of the students smuggled weed on the trip and his parents refused to come get him or pay to have him sent home. So, each chaperone took turns staying behind to watch him. Today was my day. I had my identity stolen when we went to lunch. Sigh. I did laundry for all the kids, since I had to stay behind anyway. 6/11/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 3

Day 3 was Blizzard Beach water park - which ended early when lightning and rain moved in. Then on to the Pirate Dinner Adventure. 6/10/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 2

Day two saw the band performing at Downtown Disney, then we all hit the Magic Kingdom. Donny went off with friends, so I hung out with my chaperon friends. 6/9/2014

SOJ Band Disney Trip - Day 1

I chaperoned Donny's Senior band trip to Disney. We had a blast. Day one was riding on the bus...literally all get to Florida and our hotel. 6/8/2014

Ady's Birthday

We attended the first birthday party of Adylynn Jimenez, daughter of dear friends Krystal and Nikko. It was a swimming party at the brick. 6/1/2014

Latte at the Vet

Latte had her first trip to the vet. We love this little stray - she's our little Lala! 5/31/2014

8th Grade Masquerade

Caleb attended the 8th Grade Masquerade Dance. Of course, he had to take some selfies before we got there. Just so Caleb. 5/30/2014

Our Own Rainbow

A beautiful rainbow today! 5/272014

Memorial Day Cookout

We headed to Staci's for a Memorial Day cookout. I made 7 layer dip, cheddar and jalapeno cornbread muffins, and banana pudding cake. Yum. 5/26/2014

RVing Anyone?

Tony bought an RV for camping and to use at the hunting lease! RVing Anyone? 5/24/2014

Ren Fest 2014

For Tony's birthday this year we hit the Waxahachie Renaissance Faire. We had a blast! 5/18/2014

New Decor

I got some new decor from Hobby Lobby to help organize my jewelry. Love the way it looks. 5/17/2014

Donny's Jazz Band Concert

Love to hear Donny play! And he really loves jazz band. 5/15/2014

Mother's Day 2014

What a great Mother's Day. I got flowers, candy, a book, and a Mother's ring from Amanda with all 6 kids' names and birthstones on it! 5/11/2014

Crawfish and Alligator

Took the boys out for a little crawfish and alligator. It was their first trip to Razoo's and their first taste of the Cajun delight that is a crawfish boil. They loved it! 5/6/2014

Easter 2014

Our annual hunt for eggs! Happy Easter! 4/20/2014

Hogs for Hope

Tony entered his bike in the Hogs for Hope charity bike show. We didn't win but the proceeds went to help Autistic it was a win anyway! 4/12/2014

No Panties Run

Tony and the guys took a "No Panties Run" (a ride with no girls along) and had a great time in the hill country. 4/4/2014

Mother Nature

Strange clouds, wisteria blooming, and my new planter. Hello Spring! 4/3-4/20/2014

Tony Takes the Taylor

Tony won the Taylor Camp Out Bass Tournament! Caleb made the board too! 3/28-3/30/2016

Zach at the Book Store

Took Zachary to the Half Priced Book Store and let him pick some books. He looked at EVERY SINGLE Disney book in the kids section. He had a blast! Even picked up a happy meal on the way home! 3/13/2014

Liam Band Award

So proud of our band boy! Another UIL medal! 3/4/2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Presents and kisses! Happy Valentine's Day! 2/14/2014

Kim Goes to Austin

Time for TCEA again! Off to Austin Kim went for work. 2/3-2/7/2014

Band BBQ Dinner

Got to listen to three of the boys play during the Band BBQ Fundraiser dinner. 1/31/2014

Disney Day 7 - Epcot

Our last park of the trip, and another chance to spend time with our cousin. Fun day! 1/24/2014

Disney Day 6- Magic Kingdom

Mama's favorite park, matching shirts, and Starbucks at Disney. What a great day! 1/23/2014

Disney Day 5 - Hollywood Studios

Second park of the trip...and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. It was sunny but freezing! 1/22/2014

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

Our first Disney park on this trip! We were ready to have a great time together! 1/21/2014

Disney Day 3 - Family Time

Josh, Laura, and Sean got in today. We played, opened more presents, and enjoyed visiting with cousins. Family time. 1/20/2014

Disney Day 2 - Getting There

We finished the drive to Florida and met up with the family! We had a mini-Christmas and rested. 1/19/2014

Disney Day 1 - On The Road

Time to travel to Disney for a family vacation! Can't wait to spend time with everyone! 1/18/2014

Donny's Class Ring

The Class of 2015 held a ring ceremony and students got to get their class rings. It was a lovely tradition and a fun way for Donny to get his class ring (seen in this gallery next to his dad's). 1/16/2014