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Random Fun in 2012

Random fun and silliness in 2012.

Wrapping Up 2012

We hit the road to Houston to usher in the new year with our family and friends down south! 12/30-12/31/2012

Merry Christmas Estes Bunch

Warm home, warm hearts, and your family around you at Christmas. 12/25/2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Venus, Texas, the Estes, Washburn, Koenig, and Leonard families celebrated. 12/24/2012

The Chocolate Whisperer

Thanks to Donovan, I got the BEST chocolate covered pretzels to give to my friends at work. 12/20/2012

Liam Turns 11

My little man is getting so big! 11 years old! Happy Birthday Liam! 12/20/2012

Celebrating with Friends

The Annual Haby Christmas party - where we celebrate the December birthdays and just enjoy being together. 12/15/2012

Feeling Festive

Time to hang the ornaments and the stockings. 12/14/2012

The Homeless Christmas Tree

A beautiful story and the focus of my department Christmas Card this year. 12/4/2012

Getting the Tree Up

One of the benefits of having the big kids home...they can help put up the Christmas decorations! 11/24/2012

Thanksgiving at Granny's

We all headed to the Grandparents house for Thanksgiving this year. It was wonderful to have everyone together. 11/22/2012

Wreath Making

Staci, Amanda, and her friends came over to learn how to make deco mesh wreaths. Craft Day! 11/19/2012

The Kids Come Home

Amanda, Jason, and TJ made it home for Thanksgiving. I'm so blessed to have my kids home! 11/17/2012

Zachary Turns 15

Our little boy is growing up so fast! Zachary turned 15 this year! Where has the time gone? 11/2/2012

Zombies and Devils

Happy Halloween! It was all Zombies, Devils, and candy galore at our house this year! 10/31/2012

Caleb's Second Game

We really enjoy watching Caleb play ball for the Owls! 9/25/2012

Donny Turns 16

Donovan had his sweet 16 birthday this year. Tony gave him the Mercedes to drive to school - as soon as he gets his license. Not a bad birthday! 9/21/2012

Caleb's First Game

This was Caleb's first year to play football. He made the 7th grade B team. We were so proud to watch him play his first game! 9/18/2012

MeeMaw's 92nd Birthday

Every year we celebrate MeeMaw and Papa Ollie's birthday together. We head up to Denton for family, food, and fun! 9/8/2012

Labor Day Ride

Took a fun ride with friends to Granbury for a small bike rally. Nothing fancy, but the weather was wonderful, and the food and friends made it a perfect day. 9/3/2012

Caleb Turns 13

We added another teenage to the house this year as Caleb hit the big 13! We had a small family party, and then his Uncle John took the boys and friends to Fudruckers and Main Event the next day! 8/31/2012

Furry Family

With a new puppy in the house, we took lots of pictures of the newest member of our furry family! 8/18/2012

Papa Lloyd Visits

Tony's dad came to Denton, so we all rode up there so we could spend some time with Papa Lloyd. 8/13/2012

Cameraman Caleb

This is what happens when you turn Caleb John loose with a camera! 8/7/2012

Hanging With Friends

We threw a surprise birthday party for our friend Randy, AKA Big Papa, at The Rig steakhouse. He was totally surprised and everyone had a good time. 7/27/2012

Romeo, Romeo

Tony surprised me with my dream dog - a little teacup Yorkie! His name is Romeo and we love our little man! 7/18/2012

Amanda Leaves Home

Amanda had to head off to West Virginia to be with her husband. It was hard to see her go. We all ate a our favorite place, Babes, to say goodbye. It was a rowdy, fun send off. The next day, we had breakfast at our usual place, The Porch, before we took her to the airport. 7/16/2012

Brittany Turns 21

Our good friends, the Haby's daughter turned 21 and we joined them at On the Border to celebrate. 7/12/2012

Tony Cuts His Hair

After six years, Tony finally decided to trim up his hair - by EIGHT inches! 7/11/2012

Adios TJ

We had a huge cookout with our friends in the neighborhood to say goodbye to TJ since he had to get back to Alabama for National Guard stuff. 6/29/2012

Jason's Goodbye Dinner

Jason had to head to West Virginia to begin his new job. We all went to his favorite restaurant, Babes, to say goodbye. 6/26/2012

Family Portraits 2012

These are our first FULL family pictures since Donovan was born. That's almost 16 years. The photos are by my very talented niece, Nichole Campbell. 6/24/2012

Father's Day Cook Out

We went to hang out in Venus at Tony's sister's house for a cook out so that Bonnie and Staci could visit with TJ while he is here. It was a fun way to spend Father's Day and our Anniversary. It would have been better if Tony could've been there, but he had to finish his homework. 6/17/2012

Summer Fun In The Sun

There's nothing the boys love better than a little pool time! We didn't get to go very much this summer because of all of the wedding plans, but I managed to sneak a few hours to take them to the pool. 6/8-6/9/2012

Christmas in June

TJ didn't make it home for Christmas, so he got to open his presents when he came in to town for Amanda's wedding! 6/8/2012

Amanda's Wedding - Professional Photos

Here are some of the HUNDREDS of professional shots taken by our SUPER talented niece, Nichole Campbell!

Amanda's Wedding - Friends' Photos

Here are some of the photos taken by friends and family at the wedding. 6/7/2012

Parkhurst Family Portraits

Amanda and Jason took some time out before the wedding to take family photos with the Parkhursts. We're so glad they are family now! Great folks. 6/2/2012

Caleb's Last 6th Grade Band Concert

Had a great time listening to Caleb play percussion in his last elementary school band concert. Movin' up to 7th grade and middle school next year. 5/22/2012

Tony Turns 22x2

The padre turned 44 today! We celebrated with breakfast together before we both had to go to work. Then it was off to get fitted for tuxes followed by a family birthday dinner and a weekend of fishing! 5/18/2012

Wedding Programs

We had a busy night of putting together wedding programs! Chloe the cat decided to help us out! Much love to Kailey and Dusty for helping too! 5/17/2012

School Stuff

Good old fashioned school photos! Gotta love 'em! 5/16/2012

Chloe Cat: Our Grand-Kitty

Amanda brought home a free kitten...and Chloe Cat our Grand-Kitty joined the family. Jason and Amanda treat her like their baby and spoil her rotten...but she is a cute little thing! 5/16/2012

Caleb Goes to Dallas Aquarium

If you give a kid a camera...this is what you get! He went to the Dallas Aquarium on the 6th Grade field trip and came home with a few pictures...there are even fish in some of them! ha ha! 5/16/2012

Front Yard Upgrades

My honey has started to refresh our front flower beds and he's gone all out! He got me the bird bath I wanted and even added some blingy touches of his own! 5/12-5/13/2012

Mother's Day 2012

I am so truly blessed! I had the best Mother's Day I've ever had! Love my family! 5/12/2012

Amanda's Bridal Shower

After almost a year in the planning - we finally had Amanda's Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party. It was tons of work, lots of sweat, and we had AMAZING friends to help us...but it was a huge success! 5/5/2012

Donny's Recital

We had a great time attending Donny's French Horn recital. He takes private lessons at a local studio and the recital was a nice way for us to get to hear how far he's come! We also got to hear his instructor, Leah, play as well. It was a lovely event! 4/28/2012

Donny Awards Ceremony

Donny was really excited to get an invitation to the first ever Freshman Only Awards Ceremony. He was so excited, in fact, that he forgot to ask what he was getting an award for! Turned out to be Honor Roll! We're proud of him! 4/26/2012

Easter 2012

This year, we stayed home for Easter. I made breakfast and dinner using the crock pot. The boys loved their baskets...and it rained so the egg hunt took place inside! 4/8/2012

Three Sisters Bike Run

We took an amazing 3 day bike ride down to Kerrville with our friends. We stayed at the Koyote Ranch, rode the Three Sisters, and enjoyed the beautiful flowers, scenery, and weather. 3/30-4/1/2012

Maypearl/Waco Ride

The gang from the neighborhood all met up and went for a ride to Maypearl to do some shopping and then to Waco for lunch at Buzzard Billy's. 3/4/2012

Tattoo Portrait

Tony surprised me with a tattooed portrait of me on his forearm! I was so surprised! 3/1/2012

Amanda's Bridal Portraits

We actually took all of these pictures back in February of 2012, but couldn't post them anywhere because Amanda didn't want Jason to see her in her dress until the wedding! Well....it's finally time to show off the amazing photos taken by my niece, Nichole Campbell. Here's Amanda's Bridal Shoot. 2/13/82012

Kim in Austin

Made the trek to Austin, TX for our annual TCEA Conference! As always, I learned a lot and had a blast! 2/6 - 2/10/2012

Bridal Flowers

Amanda, Kim, and bridesmaid Kailey went to M&M Events to order the bridal flowers! 1/16/2012


We turned the jacuzzi tub on during Zach's bath and the bubbles were AMAZING! Zach had a blast playing in them! 1/12/2012

Bridesmaids Bash - Hair and Make-up

The bridesmaids came over to make custom confetti and to try out hair and make-up styles for the wedding! Potluck dinner, glam, etc.

Sushi Axiom With Friends

We spent a fun evening at Sushi Axiom with our good friends. There were about 18 of us and we all enjoyed sushi and hibachi. Good times! 1/6/2012

New Year's in Houston

Amanda and Kim rang in the New Year in Houston with the grandparents Raab! Shopping, movies, and family time! 12/31/2011-01/01/2012

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