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Meet King

       Biography / Sketch For: King Hoover

                  Experience: 30+ Years in Fort Worth Coaching and Training. Biography / Sketch For: King Hoover Specializing in Youth Athletic Development, Injury Reduction, Speed and Performance Enhancement. Contact- (817) 320-1161 transformingathletics@gmail.com www.transformingathletics.com Highlights: •10 Years with FIT FOR LIFE CENTER in Fort Worth, during which time, the club was voted “Best Place To Exercise in Fort Worth” by Fort Worth, TEXAS Magazine. •Keynote Speaker at the Star Telegram’s Business Fair discussing “Trends in Fitness and Medicine for Corporate and Personal Wellness”. •6 Years Manager at Huguley Hospital’s Fitness Center developing Multi-Generational Programming (children, youth, young adult) •10 Years with the North American Mission Board SBC- 3 Years Volunteer, 7 Years full-time staff appointment including Community Fitness Program Development. Media / Outreach Experience: •10 Years as Host of CCTV’s “Four Minute Fitness”, Medical and Wellness Reporter for “Books in Review” and for the City of Fort Worth, Texas. •10 Years as the Fitness Expert on FamilyNet Television’s “Homelife” and “At Home LIVE” (Nationwide broadcasts) •8 Years as Fitness Expert on FamilyNet Radio’s “At A Glance” (Fit For A King) featured on 1,600+ radio stations around the world. •3 years as the host of “FIT FOR A KING!” on SIRIUS Satellite Radio,A Weekly, live, call-in health and fitness program. •Provided 1 Hour of original fitness and nutrition content weekly to 30 million homes on FamilyNet Television’s Mornings! Show as Host of Fitness Fridays. •Featured Guest on “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” Television show with Frank Jordan. •Featured Guest on “Your Health” Television show with Doug Kauffman. •Author of 100’s of magazine and newspaper articles. •Currently heard in 65 media markets as the Health Coach for Intentional Living Radio. •Selected as the 1st-ever Coach of MLB’s Texas Ranger’s “RangerFit” Program •Transforming Athletics Fitness Coaching, (3 locations) Founder •Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Member for Aledo ISD and Burleson ISD •Actively in Mentorships with the top MLB, NFL and College Athletic Prep Programs in America. •King has been involved with the International Youth Conditioning Association since 2006. In 2012, King was also named as one of America’s Premier Experts in Fitness and Youth Athletic Development. -As Seen and Heard on these National Networks-