Zachary Spells…

Zachary shocked us all when he used his alphabet beads to spell his favorite movie. No one can tell us he’s not smart! Love that boy!

Don’t Wake A Sleeping Zachary

Poor guy…all tuckered out. But he plugged in his ipod and kept it close before he passed out! Ha ha!

Just Chillin’

Zach just decided to chill out on our bed listening to his iPad.

Zach Checks Out BHS

Zachary got to visit BHS with his class, so he could see where he’ll be starting high school in the fall. He found a Disney movie playing in the library and was a happy camper.

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Spring Meet Fun

Zachary enjoyed the Spring Meet for Special Ed students at BHS this year. He got a medal for participating! So much fun!

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Zachary Melts Down

Having a rough day. This is a mild Zachary meltdown. He eventually calmed down and all was well.

Zach’s New Blanket

Amanda had her sister-in-law, Jamie, create an Autism fleece blanket for Zachary. He loved it! Continue Reading →

Weighted Bliss

One of Zach’s Christmas presents was a fully weighted blanket from Grandma Lettie. It is handmade, so didn’t make it in time for Christmas, but he LOVES it. Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 15

Our little boy is getting so big! It’s hard to believe that Zach is fifteen years old! Wow! We had the usually family party, with Amanda and Jason Skyping in from West Virginia. It’s really awesome that technology can help them be a part of our family celebrations.

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Cool Enough For Pink

We headed down to Houston during Spring Break to help my Mom by cleaning out her garage…sigh…I wish we’d taken before and after photos! What a mess! We got the whole thing done in one day and it looked great!┬áZachary was really well behaved and he even let the boys dress him up a little! Too cute!

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Dude…Come on!

Zachary rides to and from school every day with Tony. It’s only natural that he would overhear Tony’s comments on other people’s driving…and he picked one up – “Dude, Come on!!” He is so funny when he says it! So we video taped him! Here he is!


It is so fun to play with Zachary! He finds joy in the simplest things…like crazy big bubbles created by the jacuzzi tub in our bathroom. What fun!

Zachary hits the big 1-4

Fourteen. I just can’t believe that Zach is 14. Of course, he’s taller and bigger than any of us…and is hitting all the puberty milestones…so I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked…but I am. Sigh. I am old. Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 12

Yes…it’s a donut…he won’t eat cake…LOL!

Zachary Says His Colors

We work really hard with Zachary on his speech. Here he is practicing with Daddy.

Zachary Likes Math!

Zachary sat and ready Donny’s math text book for almost 30 minutes! It was amazing how fascinated he was by the textbook!

Spinning Zach

One day the kids decided to sit Zachary in a blanket and spin him around and around on the tile floor in the kitchen! He liked it so much they all got stuck doing it for almost an hour. They were breathing heavy and tired by the time they were done…and Zachary just laughed and laughed! Wish the audio wasn’t missing…his laugh is wonderful!

Laughing Zach

Zachary got tickled at a particular part in Peter Pan…and he just kept laughing…and laughing…and laughing.