He Had It Comin’ – Or Did He?

I was so excited to go see the musical Chicago with Amanda at Bass Hall today! We only got halfway through the show when a text from Caleb sent us racing home. Continue Reading →

Best. Teacher. Ever.

Zachary loves his teacher, Kari James. When he was refusing to go to school, she and para Duke Simms started coming over in the morning to help us get him to BHS. That is real dedication. We love both of them like family because they really, truly care about our Zachary.

My Silly Boys – So…So…Silly

My crazy boys! They always make me laugh. They will do just about anything…as long as it’s completely silly! Continue Reading →

Belated Birthday Books

Zachary was thrilled to get some belated birthday gifts from his grandparents today! Disney books! He loved them!!! He grabbed them all and ran to his room giggling! Continue Reading →

Zach…In His New (Old) Room

Moved Zach back to the room near the kitchen. He cried at first (and broke my heart) but the minute we had it set up and got him into it…he was laughing and doing just fine. Continue Reading →

Zachary Turns 18

Zach’s had a rough couple of weeks, refusing to go to school. When I got him out of the house to go to the book store for his birthday, it was the first time he’d left the house in 12 days.  Continue Reading →

Beading with Zach and Daddy

Tony sat at the table and made bead strands with Zachary. Love these guys. Continue Reading →

Too Cool

Tony actually got Zach to wear his sunglasses! That never happens!

We Love Books

After breakfast, we ran by the Half Priced Book Store. Zachary loves to look at all of the Disney books.

Breakfast with the Boys

Just a random run to IHOP for a yummy breakfast. I love these guys. Continue Reading →

First Day of School 2015

The boys all got spiffied up for the first day of school. Tony even shaved Zachary. Donny got to sleep in for the first time in 12 years (he didn’t appreciate the photo…ha ha!). This year we had an 11th grader (Zach), a 10th grader (Caleb), and an 8th grader (Liam). Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July! Travis and Anita invited us over for a cookout and swimming. Their backyard is just beautiful. I wish we had their back yard. The boys loved the pool and Tony and I enjoyed the pond, waterfall, and koi fish. Continue Reading →

Zach Goes to the Doctor

Had to take Zach in for a check up. He did really well.

Balloon Aliens for Breakfast

We snuck out to Our Place for a yummy breakfast. Got some balloon aliens for Zachary! Continue Reading →

Zachary Goes Dancing

Zachary got to attend several special education dances with his classmates throughout the year. He loved them. We are so blessed that he has such great teachers and aides to help him learn and grow!


Cadets Caleb and Zachary

Caleb got Zach to wear his hat long enough for me to take a photo!! And, of course, we took some of Caleb too! Continue Reading →

Zachary is 17

Can’t believe our boy is 17! He’s so big! And we had donuts instead of cake – because that’s what he likes! Happy birthday, baby! Continue Reading →

Mom! Check Out the New iPhone!

Took Zachary to Walmart and almost couldn’t get him out again once he saw the new iPhone display. He was really upset that I wouldn’t buy him one.

Time for a Haircut

Zachary did really well getting his hair cut! We love this boy! Continue Reading →

Zachary at the Book Store

Took Zach to the book store for the first time. He loved it! He looked at every single Disney book in the store! Then we got a happy meal on the way home! Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving at Staci’s

Tony went for a week-long hunt at the lease, so the boys and I headed over to Staci’s for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Continue Reading →

Zachary’s 16th Birthday

We skyped in with Amanda and Jason to celebrate Zachary’s 16th birthday. We had cheesecake, candles, and presents. We sure do love this boy! Continue Reading →

We’re All Mad Here

After almost a year of carrying Amanda’s bridal shower decorations around in my trunk, we recycled them as decorations in Zachary’s room. He loves it! Continue Reading →