Best. Teacher. Ever.

Zachary loves his teacher, Kari James. When he was refusing to go to school, she and para Duke Simms started coming over in the morning to help us get him to BHS. That is real dedication. We love both of them like family because they really, truly care about our Zachary.

Regional Science Fair Competition

While Liam didn’t advance past Regionals, I was so proud of my boy! Here he is with his certificate at UT Arlington. My little scientist.

Dye Your Own Flowers

Liam’s science fair project this year dealt with how plants absorb more than just water from the soil. So we put food coloring in their water and recorded the changes. Continue Reading →

Back to School, Baby!

That’s right, baby! It’s back to school time! Everyone looked sharp as they headed back to school! Now mom and dad can stop hearing “I’m bored.” LOL!

And the Award Goes to…Liam

Another year over…another awards ceremony! Liam got two awards this year and we all enjoyed the end of year slide show. They kids all sang along with the music and had a great time! Continue Reading →

When Your Mom Is An English Teacher…

When your mom is an English teacher, you get help with your major projects…like say a review game over Homer’s The Odyssey. Oh yeah, that’s right…we rocked the Greek Gods and the journey of Odysseus with this one! Continue Reading →