Thanks, Bubba!

Big thank you to my brother, Johnny! I love this autism t-shirt!! Thanks for getting it for me! Love you!

Down Again – But Up Again Too

While I was in Austin, John fell and injured his left knee again! His surgeon said that her repairs never break…and they didn’t. When John fell in his hallway, the tendons on his knee didn’t tear loose. Instead, they broke his kneecap. Continue Reading →


Had a fun time playing Donny’s new card game, Munchkin.  Continue Reading →

John’s Home Assessment

In order to get out of the rehab facility, John had to prove that he could go up the stairs at his apartment (as well as get around in the apartment). John passed with flying colors and will be going home on Monday! Continue Reading →

John is the Stair Master

John had to prove he could do the stairs to be able to go home. He did the stairs twice (4x’s the number he needs to do at his apartment). So proud.

Caleb and the Balloon

Caleb got a balloon down from the ceiling at the rehab facility…then John hit it and it went to the ceiling…and then it popped when Caleb tried to get it down. Poor Caleb.  Continue Reading →

Cards with Uncle John

Took the boys up to visit Uncle John and play some cards. As usual, hilarity ensued. We found a cheese stick in Donny’s pocket…and the boys were just generally goofy! Continue Reading →

The Braces Come Off

John’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon went well. She got rid of the braces and he can start rehab on the knees on Friday! Continue Reading →

John’s Injury Update

It’s been almost six weeks and after lots of ups and downs, we are finally almost at the end of these terrible leg braces. John can get up and walk around on his own, and is in better spirits – despite being bored and lonely a lot. I visit almost every single day. Continue Reading →

John’s Injury Update

After falling off the curb in the photo above, John had to have double knee surgery to reattach the tendons to his knees. He spent almost a week in the hospital, but they were able to get him up and standing with his immobilizer leg braces on. Continue Reading →

Choose Wisely

Dad sent John a handmade cup – very Renaissance Faire – ish. Made me think of the third Indiana Jones movie – The Last Crusade. Nice cup, though. Continue Reading →

John Takes a Fall

John took a fall stepping off the curb at the local Subway. They had to take him to the hospital in an ambulance.  Continue Reading →

Donny and John’s Bachelor Pad

Donny and John moved into an apartment together. It’s a certifiable bachelor pad! They are close to us, but get to have some independence as well. Continue Reading →

Happy 45th Birthday Uncle John!

We celebrated Uncle John’s birthday!! Even had Amanda and Jason Skype in for the event! Fun times! Continue Reading →

Uncle Johnny’s 43rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Uncle John! We had a little family party to celebrate with John on his 42nd birthday. Continue Reading →