Home from Houston

When the New Year’s celebration has just taken it all out of you! LOL! Liam rode home with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden. Guess these two were just tuckered out!

Happy New Year!

We headed down to Houston for New Years. We celebrated Amanda’s birthday, had another round of presents, and ushered in the New Year with fireworks. Josh, Laura, and the boys were there too. Continue Reading →

Pot Roast at Grandma’s

Ran down to Houston to present at PVAMU and wound up buying mom a crock pot and making pot roast! Yum!

Christina’s Spaghetti

Had to run to Houston to present at PVAMU – so I got to spend time with mom and dad. Christina made spaghetti for dinner. It looked wonderful! I could only eat the sauce and it was great!

Hasta Luego 2012

He headed down to Mom and Dad’s in Houston to celebrate the New Year. We rolled into town on the 30th and did Christmas with G&G Raab. Continue Reading →

Cool Enough For Pink

We headed down to Houston during Spring Break to help my Mom by cleaning out her garage…sigh…I wish we’d taken before and after photos! What a mess! We got the whole thing done in one day and it looked great!┬áZachary was really well behaved and he even let the boys dress him up a little! Too cute!

Continue Reading →

Hanging Out In Houston

Since mom and dad couldn’t come up to visit us, Amanda, Donovan, and I went down to Houston to see them. We left on Amanda’s birthday and stayed through the New Year. Continue Reading →

Baptism Videos

Here are some of the fun videos from Sean’s baptism.

Hanging at the Pool

The boys had a good time in the pool at our hotel. Continue Reading →

A Baptism and Burgers

We rented two cars, packed our bags, and headed for Houston for the Fourth of July weekend. Continue Reading →

Humanitarian of the Year

My mom won the PVAMU Humanitarian of the Year award. Long overdue and much deserved. I was honored to get to be there to see her receive this award. Love you, mom!

Don’t Try This At Home

Caleb went to Houston with me…and found unusual ways to amuse himself at Grandma & Grandpa Raab’s house.

Playing with Asukita

Tony took some time out to play with Asukita, my mom’s dog, while we were there to celebrate the New Year in 2009.