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Good News! We’re All Mutants! The Bad News Is….

August 6, 2011
Surely you’ve seen it by now, as of today it’s earned over 103 million dollars in ticket sales. I’m talking about “X-Men First Class”, the new movie that chronicles the origin of Super Mutants and teams of Superheroes…or Super-villains. Across four films, we’ve seen Mutants that could create ice or shoot fire, control metal or become metal, fly or teleport, control electricity or the weather, shoot lasers from their eyes or control people’s minds. An amazing spectrum of abilities and powers and an exciting prospect if this mutation-thing is to be believed, but I’ve got some good news for all you aspiring Mutants- you already are one! Yes, you truly are a Mutant, different, special and unique. Now before you run out and buy one of those skin-tight bodysuits to use as your Mutant Hero Costume, we need to talk… You see, in over 100 years of studying the Human Genome, we know it’s easy to become a Mutant, each new generation acquires approximately 30 genetic alterations/mutations from each parent. The problem is that for every 1 Positive Mutation in a series, there are 10,000 Negative Mutations, for example Cystic Fibrosis results from 3 small mutations in a single, key protein. That means that a single, random change in one-ten-millionth of the human genome is fatal. There are 4,000 known mutations of the human genome and none are beneficial. An example of a so-called positive mutation is Sickle-Cell Anemia which can provide some protection against malaria, but without medical intervention, Sickle-Cell anemia itself is fatal. I’m sorry to X-out your hopes of being an X-Man or Woman, but if you’ll read a little further, I may still have some good news about your particular genes… The real Power in our Genes has to do with their Gene Expression, this is the process by which they create and manufacture proteins that have a beneficial impact on our health, making us feel more super whether we have superpowers or not. Everything from the enzymes that relax blood vessels to regulating the energy available to your brain and managing your blood sugar, gene expression in response to exercise is literally your only hope to become power-full and prevent becoming power-less at any age. I know, I hear those of you out there fussing that “I want superpowers NOW! That exercise stuff takes too long…” Let me let you in on a little secret, exercise DOES offer ‘super’ powers in response to a workout and it does so in 3 Stages. The first ‘super’ Power to arrive happens in the first few hours after a workout, let’s all it The Power to Get Out Of (most) Carbs FREE! In these days of Low-Carb/Atkins-type diets, this ‘super’ power is super valuable and fortunately for you, is able to be used after each and every workout- it never fails. The body limits blood sugar rises post-exercise by making insulin more efficient at putting glucose into the muscles, where it belongs, leaving none for fat-gaining. Very ‘super’ indeed… The next ‘super’ Power you’ll receive will relate to the ability to deal with specific metabolic stresses, we’ll call it “From Stressed to Blessed”. Everything from improving brain function even when blood sugar is low to the ability to push out a little more work-even when you don’t feel like you can are all covered under the Stressed-to-Blessed benefits package. Easing heart stress, circulation efficiency, feel-good endorphins and improvements in muscle tissue quality (tone and strength) are yours when you enroll in an Exercise Program to Ex-press these vital genes. Lastly, you will gain the power to continue on your program easier than when you began as well as having twice as much energy available to you daily than you’ve had before- we’ll call this the Power of Momentum. Really good stuff takes time since many of exercise’s Life Transforming benefits occur due to regular, constant gene expression of these mega-proteins. Some of this chemistry and the tissues they affect are replaced slowly, over time and cannot be rushed. Remember, like your investments, savings or fuel efficiency, over time- the little things you do will make a BIG difference. In four months, test subjects were able to go from mushy Couch Potatoes to Yam-tastic Marathoner-equivalents. If all these ‘power-full’ benefits haven’t been enough to motivate you to become more Super, or if you are an Ex-superhero saying “I’ve done my time” or “Look at this, I’ve still got muscle…” consider this… One of the ‘super’ proteins we’re discussing is called GLUT4 and is responsible for clearing sugar from the blood into the muscle thereby preventing excessive blood sugar and Diabetes. After only a few days of inactivity in even Aerobically-trained (fit) individuals, GLUT4 protein expression fell to the levels of Type II Diabetics. In case you didn’t know, Diabetes dramatically increases disease and death risk from multiple causes lowering life-expectancy (and fun-expectancy). If you’re not sure about how to embark on your X-Man (or woman) journey, give me a call. Unlike the movie, I’m no Professor Xavier, but you CAN call me Professor Ex-pression.

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