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Passionate Parents and Caring Coaches create Powerful Prospects…

July 30, 2014


Parents and Coaches-

Meningitis shots, dorm room furnishings, computer, tablet, laundry baskets,... the list goes on and on.
We are in the final stages of sending our youngest son off to the University of North Texas.

While the paperwork required and series of tasks to be checked off before his Launch seems endless, I have to say that the most important challenges to be accomplished were settled long ago.

Yes, its important that my son (or your's) has everything he needs to go off to school, but the truly vital 'equipment' cannot be packed in a cardboard box.

Some of you have received study data relating to Youth Athletic Development and the benefits of sports participation in our young people.

I have recently developed a relationship with one of the top researchers. (most quoted across this field) Dr. Jean Cote' at the University of Queensland in Australia.

His life's passion is to define and present to the world the 'best practices' in youth sport and help more boys and girls realize those benefits.

One of his contributions to this body of work is the concept of The 5 C's which represent some of the highest and most valuable effects of what we do.

They are:
Compassion and...

My son, like your sons and daughters, is the recipient of The 5 C's through his Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Football participation. While we're packing all the 'stuff' he'll need to function and be comfortable in his dorm, these 5 C's are going with him too.

As much as grades good enough to get into the college and program of his choice, great relationships with friends and leadership among his peers- I know these qualities have helped him get this far.

I have the utmost confidence they will take him much farther before his time is through.

Best Practices increase your chances of Best Outcomes in the athletes you raise, coach or will encounter as your son's and daughter's peers.

This kind of data pulls back the curtain as to how we, as parents, coaches and 'guidance counsellors' for the young people around us, can change lives for the greater.

While 22 pages of Research Study can sound rather daunting or dry, remember...this study- and others like it that I'll put in your hands- will give you the insight you need for Best Outcomes for your athletes.

In closing, I want to add that it also offers us the 'what not to do' in the same roles. Watch for the information as to how not to be 'that' Coach, parent or influencer- with the Great Power to shape these young live, comes Great Responsibility.

Although this quote is most often attributed to a Spiderman movie, (Superman movies used it too) it is actually a paraphrase of Luke 12:48.

I take that responsibility seriously, I know you do the same. Here then, is some help...

Athletically yours,

King Hoover- Transforming Athletics
605B East Renfro Burleson Texas


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