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Fall / Winter JR High Athletic Camp

May 24, 2014


What is Transforming Athletics’ Middle School Athletic Camp?

Middle School Fall and Winter Camp is an athletic development program focused on helping kids going into grades 3-8 become better athletes and more confident young adults.

Athletes in these grades are in a rapid stage of growth - and even kids in the same grade can be at completely different points in the development process.

Middle School training is broken down into 3 different programs:

  •  Smart Beast Futures is for kids ages 6-9 who are just getting started in their athletic careers. This program uses fun games and physical challenges to teach lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership - while also helping them get stronger and faster.

  • Smart Beast Development is for athletes ages 9-13 who need to work on the key athletic movements needed to have more fun and be more successful on the field. They will focus on bodyweight strength exercises, speed & agility training, and overall conditioning.

  • Smart Beast Speed is for athletes ages 11-14 who have mastered the key foundational movements and are ready to take their performance to the next level. Athletes in this program will begin to learn basic weight lifting exercises, along with more advanced speed and agility techniques.

All athletes will be evaluated by one of our coaches prior to joining a program. This system helps make sure that athletes are in the right program so that they don't get hurt, overwhelmed, or under challenged.

The evaluation will look at:

  • Physical development , including bodyweight strength, conditioning, and body awareness

  • Social and mental development, including maturity, coachability, and mindset

After your evaluation, you will have the chance to sit down with your coach and discuss what options are best for your son or daughter.

What training will they do?

All athletes, regardless of their sport or level, will work together as a team developing the same skills. They will be given more advanced or basic exercises based on their current level and what is best for them

They will get:

  • Speed & Acceleration Training so they can blow by the competition on the field, be at the front of the pack in tryouts, and make their teammates jealous.

  • Agility Training so they will make more plays by reacting faster and making quicker cuts.

  • Strength Training so they can learn the safe way to start getting strong.

  • Nutrition Lessons designed to help kids stop eating garbage and start eating real, healthy food

  • Injury Prevention Training so they don’t have to worry about missing playing time by being hurt

Athletes will train 2-3 days per week, rotating exercises every day so they get a full-body, total athletic development program in every single week.

How do we get started?

Signing up for Fall / Winter Camp is easy! Just call 817-320-1161 and one of our Transforming Athletics Team will contact you to confirm the dates and times you want.

If your son or daughter hasn't been here before, we'll also work with you to set up an assessment so that we can better identify their goals and how we can help them reach those goals.

Please remember: Sessions will fill up quickly. If you want certain weeks or times, don't miss out by waiting !

Program Details:Contact us regrading your athlete's Sport and Availability. After Assessing your player, we will discuss their most effective approach and Program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my athlete have to go every week, or can they take a break?

The absolute best results come from consistent training all year long, but we realize that JR High School kids these days have tough schedules (especially with travel teams and clinics).

Each week of training is designed to be independent - whether they do 12 or 30 weeks, they'll still be on the same page as everyone else in their group. However, best results do come from training consistent, consecutive weeks.

How does Fall / Winter Camp differ from JR High School Training during the summer ?

JR High School Fall / Winter Camp is 3 days per week, 60-75 minutes per session, and is only offered in the Off-Season.

JR High School Athlete Training  is a year-round, 60-minute training program offered between 1-3 days per week. When choosing which program is right for your athlete, consider the following: -Will they be able to train consistently every week? -Do they have a specific training goal in mind, or are they looking to get in better athletic shape overall? The best way to find out which is best for you is to call us at 817-320-1161, set up an athlete performance assessment, and speak with your coach to see what they recommend.

Can my athlete only come 2 days per week?

Each training week is broken down into 3-4 separate workouts, each focusing on a different part of athletic development.

As a general rule, athletes cannot train for only half a week. The program is specifically designed for athletes to train 3-4 consecutive days, and missing one or more days will mean they miss an important part of the training.

In special circumstances, we may allow exceptions, but they are not guaranteed. Please call us at 817-320-1161 today if you would like to discuss your situation.

What happens if my son or daughter can't make a class?

If your athlete cannot make their class for some reason, we ask you give us 24 hours notice so that we can help another athlete get in a make-up if they need.

If no notice is given, we cannot provide makeups. We will do our absolute best to get your athlete in to make-up sessions at the times you request, but due to our busy schedule we cannot guarantee there will be openings.

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