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Fall / Winter High School Athletic Camps

May 24, 2014

What is Transforming Athletics’ High School Fall / Winter Camp?

High School Fall / Winter Camp is the ultimate training program to help your son or daughter transition from one Sport or get ready for their upcoming season. Whether they are just getting started in their high school career or are looking to play at the highest level, they will get a personalized training experience built for their goals.

Who is it for?

All high school athletes - from all sports, ages, and ability levels - will benefit from this program. Each athlete gets a customized training program designed with their goals, sport, and current performance level in mind.

 This means that:

  • The highest-level players on a team get recognition on a local and state level - as well as attention from college coaches. Many athletes have turned the progress they made at Transforming Athletics into Athletic Scholarships.

  • Varsity players will get more out of their playing time by being more productive - more scoring, better defense, and better all-around play.

  • Athletes looking to get more playing time will stand out from their teammates with their new speed, endurance, and strength.

  • If they're worried about making the team, your athlete will be able to go into tryouts knowing they are fully prepared to do their absolute best - and have no regrets that they didn't prepare harder.

  • No athlete is too advanced or too new to benefit. Our coaches will help find where your son or daughter is and build them up to play at their absolute highest level.

What training will they do?

All athletes, regardless of their sport or level, will work together as a team developing the same skills. They will be given more advanced or basic exercises based on their current level and what is best for them.

 They will get:

  • Speed & Acceleration Training so they can blow by the competition on the field, be at the front of the pack in tryouts, and make their teammates jealous.

  • Agility Training so they will make more plays by reacting faster and making quicker cuts. • Strength Training so they can learn the safe & effective way to lift to get stronger, put on muscle, and get leaner.

  • Nutrition Lessons designed to help teens stop eating garbage and start eating real, healthy food.

  • Injury Prevention Training so they don’t have to worry about missing playing time by being hurt. Athletes will train 3-4 days per week, rotating exercises every day so they get a full-body, total athletic development program in every single week.

 How do we get started?

Signing up for Fall / Winter Camp is easy! Just call 817-320-1161 and one of our Transforming Athletics Team will work with you to obtain a spot for your athlete for the dates and times they are available.

If your son or daughter hasn't been here before, we'll also work with you to set up an assessment so that we can better identify their goals and how we can help them reach those goals.

Please remember: Sessions will fill up quickly. If you want certain weeks or times, don't miss out by waiting !

Program Details: Contact us to apply for a place in this porgram. We will set up an Assessment appointment to determine your athlete's current Developmental status create their optimal Improvement Plan. 817-320-1161

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