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When You’re Surrounded by Zombies…

March 10, 2013

When you’re surrounded by Zombies…

By King Hoover- Internationally recognized Fitness Expert

People are amazing! Just when they think “I’ll never lose this weight” or “I’m getting older, I guess this is just how I’m supposed to feel, right?” an idea enters their brain- that maybe, just maybe…this is not all there is or how it has to be. Tony is 44 and has been drinking ‘carbonated beverages’ and hitting the drive through for his meals as long as he could remember. As of January 1st, he not only is no longer ‘drinking his calories’, but doing Body-weight, cardio and weight lifting workouts to get back into his ship shape Navy-man body. (even though he retired with 20+ years in ’06). Feeling sore in muscles he forgot he had has him feeling Alive and Younger than he has in a long time. Then there’s Josh… This guy has been generating Billions (with a B) in sales for large, global concerns for years, yet the last 10 months has seen his weight rise from a training-weight of 268 (he IS 6’ 6” after all) to a non-training 320. Launching a new company next month that he hopes will be the last 5 years or so he’ll ever have to work has turned him back to exercise. He understands that the “biggest thing he’s ever done” will require the Best he’s Ever Been. Almost 7 weeks and 29 pounds later, he’s well on his way. The hit movie “Warm Bodies” contrasts living humans against zombie ‘corpses’ that lack heartbeat, warmth, feeling and…well LIFE! I was struck by the parallels between the characters in the film and the people you and I are surrounded by every day. I can just hear you, “King, have you been playing too many video games, watching too many scary movies? There are no such things as Zombies!” I’m so glad you asked… While true that there has not been any chemical or viral infection converting the population into unwilling, brain-eating zombies, but there is definitely a condition overtaking the U.S. and the world.  One that threatens to take the Life, Fun, and good Feelings from everyone who contracts it. A client asked me two days ago, “King, how many days do you work out?” He was demonstrating to his son working out with us that attaining fitness and keeping it requires a commitment to training regularly. I let him know that I train 3-5 times per week depending on my schedule. The next day, I approached the same client and clarified, “I really don’t ever work out at all, I like to be able to ‘move’ easily and I know I have to ‘move’ regularly to maintain that ability. I simply ‘move’ or ‘play’ 3-5x per week.” In ‘Warm Bodies’, the power of Love restarts the hearts and lives of the affected ‘corpses’ moving them back toward Human the more they rejected their Zombie behaviors and did the kind of things Humans are supposed to do. I see shuffling, grumbling, organ-meat-consuming ‘zombies’ every day- when you think about it, you know do too… If it’s not the people you work with, look at the people you see in passing during your day- is there a spring in their step, brightness to their eyes and a tendency toward healthier eating? See- you’re surrounded by Zombies! What if you are one of the Not-Dead-But-Not-As-Alive-As-You’d-Like-To-Be? Feeling draggy and glum? Plodding along joylessly through your days? Maybe you need the Cure… A while back I wrote about some scientific findings that proposed a link between a class of Viral Infections and being overweight. Although they found this virus in nearly every overweight or obese person studied, it really just promoted inflammation. This in turn makes it difficult for your blood sugar to be used by muscles rather than just making more Fat- Step 1 in our Cure is more water. Now that your ‘zombie’ muscles can better process the food you eat (something besides brains please…) and your joints ache less due to better lubrication and hydration, Step 2 is to Get Your Heart Beating. Yes, I can just hear you now- “King, my heart IS beating or I wouldn’t be alive enough to read this article!” To go from one of the Not-Quite-Dead back to one of the Living-It-Up, you need to get it beating a little harder on a regular basis. How often do you get so out of breath that it takes a minute or two for your breathing to come back to normal? If the answer is “I actively avoid that much exertion” you are probably shuffling around, growling and biting people’s heads off without realizing it…Zombie... In the movie Warm Bodies, once the other zombies start to feel a little more alive, they fought back against their zombie tendencies in an effort to get more of what Life has to offer- Step 3 is Fight. As you begin your new Life-style and move away from Zombie-hood, it isn’t going to be easy, but all things worthwhile and worth the Fight. Eating better, exercising often making sure you get plenty of water will be tough, but if you want to LIVE- and you do, you’ve just forgotten what it feels like- this is your Plan. Recently the Department of Homeland Security added a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan to its website, Zombie video games are some of the most popular and remember that guy in Florida who chewed up a passerby? Don’t let this happen to you! Only the fit and agile among us will ‘survive’ this zombie takeover- get started today or “going to lunch with a friend” could take on a whole new meaning… King Hoover is Fitness Coach with more than 30 years in his field and has been educated by the top experts in fat loss, injury management and youth athletic development. His unique and innovative approaches are available by contacting him at transformingathletics@gmail.com or 817.320.1161

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