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Don’t Limit Your Challenges- Challenge Your Limits!

July 25, 2013

Would you like to be Limit-less?


by King Hoover Internationally-recognized Fitness Expert


I love what I do!  After a great training session folds often get sore, sometimes have to walk funny and can't always wash their har without help-why do the keep coming back?  Because the get Better, Firmer, Learner, and Stronger every class they take - we pushed their so-called "limits" and found they weren't so limited after all.

Sure, it's challenging, but "meeting a challenge" makes you more confident when the next "challene in life" comes along, no matter what form it takes.  Over the years, I've seen literally thousands of products claiming to help you "conquer the challenge" of getting healthier with little effort on your part.

  Everything from Fat burners, Smart-drugs, Ergogenics (work-producing nutrient), "clenses" and Detoxes all selling you the Drean - that having the body you want and the health you need isnot challenge at all- just by our little pill/tea/drink/insert-your-chosen-product- HERE and you'll look amazing, do amazing things, why- you'll BE Amazing!   The only real amazing thing is that anybody still falls for that junk anymore. It’s true that good Nutrition can make a big difference in your life, it can even be life saving depending on the condition, and we are made to run on witamins, minerals and toher seemingly mysterious substances.  The problem is that there is no Magic Pill...except in the movies.  Last week, I watched a great dvd called “Limitless”, it’s about a "down-and-out" writer who begins taking a drug that makes  your brain work better…much better. He shortly turns his life around and as long as he is on the drig, everything is going swimmingly - except for the side effects...   Did you see the 1982 movie “Blade Runner”? In this film, Harrison Ford is a detective hunting down a gang of artifically enhanced humans called Replicants. THey were more-than-human with extra strength and abilities,  but they only lived for 10 years.    Their inventor, Dr. Tyrell tells one of them “The light that burns twice as bright only burns half as long ..."  Not exactly what he wanted to hear, and we are just as reluctant to listen.   Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless begins to have some life-threatening complication, all because he wanted a ‘shortcut’ to ‘better’.
I’m here to tell you that after 30 years of coaching and training everyone from  National and World Champions in theri sport, Television personalities and tens of thousands of ‘regular folks’, there are no ‘shortcuts’.   Having said that, can you get there fater than you though?  Yes!  Relatively quickly, especially when considering how long you took to get yourself so out of shape?  Of course you will!    And aren’t there some approaches that help you make it ‘easier’ or are more ‘result-producing’?  Certainly, but the Key Phrase here is “Help You to”.  If you don't do all you can, you will never get all the change, improvement and transformation that you "could".      I’ve worked with clients who were on an “Anti-aging” protocol where a physician prescribed Testerosterone, Growth hormone or other  pharmaceuticals and yet, even with this kind of "Cadilla chemistry" running through their systems, the ones who   saw the most change worked out the hardest.     Even these nearly-magic  magic   If you’re going to have to exercise anyway, why not see what a professionally designed program, expert supervision and best practices for nutrition will do for you? Working with the right program and eating well will make your own body produce these life (and look) changing chemicals for yourself!   Look at the professional athletes of today, are some of them ‘cheating’ by using substances banned in their sport to look, perform and feel ‘better than normal’? As the International Doping Committees and Federal hearings regarding Lance Armstrong or Barry Bonds and steroids in Baseball attest- yes.   Yet, for every one who ‘is’ there are 30 or 40 who aren’t, that means that with Training like you’re an Athlete (smart, guided),  eating like an Athlete, (Coached to treat food like it’s fuel for performance) you, YES- You could resemble their fitness level, look and  play more like them than you do right now! How awesome is that? Very!   In the movie ‘Limitless’, the main character says about the drug he is addicted to “It works better if you’re already smart..."  It’s true that you may not have their Pro Athlete Genes, as a matter of fact, because we are all unique, it is certaqin that you don't.
  That being said, you do have some Genes and they may be willing and able to give you more than they are right now - if you just treat them better. If you would like a list of the Nutrients and Nutritional Substances that will make your transformation easier, give me a call,  I'd be happy to help.   Unlike our movie example, there is no way for you to skip the Exercise and Eating Better steps to a body , vitality and health that is not only  exciting, but satisfying as well.   Start your journey toward a Less-Limited Life today, unlike a cruise, a vacation or a road trip, you are Guaranteed to come away changed for the better - forever. 

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