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The Best Gift You’ve Even Gotten

January 15, 2012
By King Hoover- Internationally Recognized Fitness Expert Another Christmas has come and gone leaving in it's wake mountains of wrapping paper, miles of ribbon and bows, but more importantly- an appreciation for family and all our blessings. Whether you received sparkling gems, glistening gold or silver, clothes, cars or even a new house, I'm here to deliver the Good News about a Present that you may not have unwrapped yet. I know, you're thinking "I've looked under the tree, in all the secret places the presents were hidden until the Big Day, why I even went through the trash bags to see if I accidently threw away a small-but valuable Gift. What are you talking about King?" I'm so glad you asked... I have a client that just returned from a hunting trip in New Mexico, after he took down the biggest elk anyone had seen in the last 3 years, they had to drag it down a mountain the better part of 600 yards to a transport. After field dressing this massive, 1,000 lb. animal, they were snowed in (in tents) for an additional six and a half days with an average temperature of zero degrees before wind chill was factored. When Josh returned home, he told me "King, if I had not been training with you for 6 weeks before this trip, I know I would have not have survived, let alone being able to drag that elk." Incidently, we had also taken off 30 pounds between cleaning up his intake and intense-but intelligent- training. His wife was very grateful he arrived home safely. Who would have thought that when I was working him until he used 'some choice words' for me, was sore enough that going up and down the stairs at home was a challenge and at times we would finish training that he would just want to lay on the floor a few minutes, that I was giving him a needed Gift. Christina had just seen her doctor about her diabetes for the 2nd time, the larges doses of multiple medications were not taking her blood sugar down into safe and healthy ranges and her fatigue was simply incapacitating. He said more drastic interventions would be necessary. Her husband instead called to see if we had room for her in our programs. Ten weeks and 28 pounds later, her blood sugar levels remain in the normal range, her doctor has taken her off all medication and her husband Trey believes he is a 'genius' and has excellent taste in Fitness Coaches. If I had gone by the cries of distress Christina would utter, let her stop when she had a tough time performing a movement or said "Okay, you can stop while everyone else finishes the workout", why her daughter and sons would not be nearly as Merry this Christmas without their newly 'functioning', energetic and much slimmer mom. Christina will tell you, this was 'tough love' at its finest, very tough, but she loves the improvements. She couldn't be happier if I handed her a big pile of jewelry. But are you settling for jewels when you need the gift of Health? The Good News is...you have some! And unless you are reading this article in your very last moments on Earth, even though Christmas 2011 is past- you can still give yourself the Gift that keeps on Giving, the gift of greater health. Here are 3 Investment Keys to taking the health you have and doubling or tripling your (health-wise) Net Worth. One- Eat More to Weigh Less. We've always heard that weight or overweight was a matter of Math, calories in, calories out. More in than Out? Fat is Gained, but what if there was more to the story?... Recent studies show that Meal Frequency is a Key to successful fat loss, control groups who ate the same number of calories as their study 'buddies', but spead them out across more meals, lost more weight. This was probably due to the fact that cranking up your digestive machinery has an Energy Cost, the more often you turn it on, the more it costs. One note here, we're not talking about 'snacking' all day which can lead to far more calories, these were planned intakes at regular intervals. Nobody ever 'accidently' ate anything, so be intentional about your food choices, they can make or break your fat loss program. Two- Up Your Frequency. Newer research on exercise confirm that 'more often' exercise is more successful for fat loss than 'harder, less often' exercise. This means is you're afraid of working out too hard, you may be able to achieve the results you want just by upping your frequency rather than your intensity. If you're working out at a pace you can enjoy, you may want to do it more often. Three- Use The Power of Goals. No one can hit a target they don't have and unless you take your Gift-Giving one step at a time, you may give up before you've fully unwrapped your Gift. Take your weight loss 5 lbs at a time, five is enough that you have really accompished something and encouraging enough that "If I could lose those five..." you will try to lose five more, then maybe five more, and so on. Health truly is the Gift Money Cannot Buy and the following story proves the truth of it. Lauren is a very active person, mom and wife, from extracurricular sports, social activities, a self-employed husband and she even works a day or two a week. Some time ago she blew her ACL and even though she had a capable surgeon and was diligent in all ther physical therapy, her gait was not normal, she feared to trust her knee and could not descend stairs without stabilizing assistance. Fast forward to today and she has no trouble with stairs, legs she can rely on and a physique women in their 20's would kill for- including the 'awesomely sculpted arms' one young lady commented on. Try to give her money to back to Pre-Training and you couldn't offer her enough to trade the More health she has gained for the Less health she had, its far too valuable to her...and whether you know it yet or not- to you. So unwrap your Gift, take it out of the box and use it! Nobody would understand if they gave you something so precious and you never did anything with it and like Lauren and Christina, you never know what you've got till its gone. King Hoover is Fitness Coach with more than 30 years experience in his field and has been educated by the top experts in fat loss, injury management and youth athletic development. His unique and innovative approaches are available by contacting him at transformingathletics@gmail.com or 817.320.1161

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