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Random Fun in 2011

This is where we upload random images and silly stuff from the year. Who knows what you'll find here!

Amanda  Turns 23

We arrived in Houston on Amanda's birthday and after exchanging Christmas gifts with Josh, Laura, and Sean...we went to a Mexican restaurant for Amanda's birthday dinner. 12/30/2011

Christmas in Houston 2011

Amanda, Donny, and Kim went down to Houston for Amanda's birthday and New Years. We got to see Josh, Laura, and baby Sean.

Christmas 2011

We had a blast opening gifts with the kiddos on Christmas morning. We are so blessed. 12/25/2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We spent Christmas Eve with Tony's family up at Bonnie and Ollie's place in Justin, Texas. It was lots of fun! 12/24/2011

Liam Turns 10

My little boy has busted into double digits. Liam turned 10 this year. We had a little family party before he went to the movies. 12/20/2011

Trimming the Tree 2011

Tony let Donny stay home from school on a Friday and help him put up the tree and the decorations. Then that weekend Amanda, Jason, the kids, and I all decorated it. 12/3/2011

Kim's 41st Birthday

I got a great gift from Tony this year and our neighbors had a big birthday party for those of us with birthdays in December. It was awesome!

Thanksgiving 2011

We all headed up to Justin for Thanksgiving. Everyone (except TJ) was there. We even had MeeMaw's great, great grandkids! Five generations of family celebrating together. 11/24/2011

Batting Cages

Grandma Bonnie picked up the boys and took them up to Justin for a couple of days. They had a great time at the batting cages! 11/22/2011

Donny Shaves!

My firstborn...my baby...is SHAVING! OMG! I can\'t believe how big he\'s gotten. Quite the young man now. Sigh. I feel old. 11/13/2011

Kim's Surgery

Had to have some work done on my foot. They cut a wedge out of my foot and realigned my big toe so it would be straight. Off my feet for 10 weeks. 11/3/2011

Zachary Turns 14

My sweet Zachary turned 14 this year. Rather than waste money on cake...we got him what he really likes...donuts! LOL! 11/2/2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great time walking around the neighborhood with our friends, the Reeds. We had ninjas, video game characters, vampires, a plague doctor, and a zombie prom queen. 10/31/2011

Koyote Ranch Trip

Tony and the Dirty Diaper Gang headed to the hill country for an all guys ride over the Three Sisters. 10/23/2011

Even MORE Wedding DIY

Several bridesmaids came over for Crafts and Cocktails. This time it was Mexican food, margaritas, and we made the Save the Date cards! We also showed the girls their top hats for the bridal shower! 10/9/2011

Amanda and Jason Engagement Portraits

Fun evening at the State Fair! Our fabulously talented Niece, Nicole, took Amanda and Jason's engagement photos and we all had a blast (and tired feet by the time we were done). Great photos, great photographer, great time! 10/2/2011

Engagement Photo Shoot Prep

More wedding DIY as we created props to use for Amanda and Jason's engagement photo session at the State Fair. 10/1/2011

Donny Turns 15

It's hard to believe it, but my baby boy is 15 years old! He asked for cheesecake and a family dinner and movie night. Done! Love you, son! 9/21/2011

Uncle Johnny is 43!

Uncle Johnny hit the big 4-3 this year. We had a little party to celebrate! 9/10/2011

MeeMaw's 91st Birthday

We all headed up to Justin to celebrate MeeMaw's 91st birthday! Lots of family and fun! 9/10/2011

San Antonio Vacation

We skipped our annual trip to Sturgis, SD to take the boys on a family vacation to San Antonio...in time for their hottest week ever! Even with temps at 100...it was cooler than home! We did Sea World, the Alamo, and enjoyed hanging out. August 1-4, 2011

More Wedding DIY

Jason got dragged into the wedding DIY to help finish the cards for his groomsmen. It was fun! July 9, 2011

Baby Shower Fun

Had a blast at a baby shower for one of my old students, Lindsey Babb - now Abbott. Great to see her and her mom, Denice! July 9, 2011

4th of July 2011

Had a great time at Mom and Dad\'s in Houston for the 4th. The boys got haircuts, swam in the hotel pool, and we went to nephew Sean\'s baptism. Jason built the grill we bought and Tony cooked out burgers and dogs. Great day! June 4, 2011

Sean's Baptism

We drove to Houston to attend my nephew Sean's baptism and then went to a little gathering at Josh and Laura's house afterward. July 3, 2011

Wedding DIY - Bridesmaids Cards

Amanda and I, with the help of our dear friend Annette Amos, worked on the Wedding Party invitations today. We got the bridesmaids cards done. One more day of working on the groomsmen's cards and they'll all be ready to mail.

Tony's 25th High School Reunion Trip

Tony and I headed to Alabama for his 25th high school reunion. We got to see TJ, Jackie, and the kids while we were there, and our friends the Tomlins. It was a long drive, but a great trip! June 24-26, 2011

Father\'s Day 2011

The boys surprised Tony with funny cards, cool t-shirts, and lots of love for Father\'s Day. June 19, 2011

Our Anniversary and Amanda's Engagement

We had a lovely anniversary dinner at the Hoffbrau Steak House with Cathy and Keith Parkhurst, who were also celebrating their anniversary. It was made even better as Jason proposed to Amanda in front of the whole place. What a special night! June 17, 2011

Dallas Aquarium Field Trip

The last day of Ocean Quest camp was a field trip to the Dallas Aquarium. Each of the chaperons took a group of kiddos through the aquarium. I had a great group of kids and we had a blast. June 17, 2011

Ocean Quest Camp

Caleb and Liam attended the third summer camp sponsored by my department at work, Ocean Quest camp. We did science experiments using advanced probes, learned about echo-location using robots, researched and created movies about sea creatures, and we built an inflatable 80 foot whale! It was a blast! June 13-17, 2011

Engineering Camp 2011

Donovan got to attend another camp this summer, the Gateway Academy Engineering Camp. He got to learn how to use 3D Modeling software, Designed a toy, and built his own solar-powered (miniature) car. He had a great time. June 13-16, 2011

Robotics Summer Camp 2011

My department at work offered a Robotics Camp this summer. Donovan got to build and program his own Lego Mindstorm robot. It was awesome and he had a great time. June 6-10, 2012

Trying on Dresses

After finding her wedding venue, Amanda and I stopped at David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses. Sigh, my little girl is all grown up. June 2, 2011

Our Own Little Paul Revere

Caleb portrayed Paul Revere in his school's Living History Museum. He learned all about Paul and gave a speech with a slideshow presentation. He looked adorable in the costume we got him! May 24, 2011

Tony Turns 43

The Sunday after Tony's birthday, we hosted a casual cookout so we could celebrate with neighbors and friends. It was great to see everyone and the food was great! May 22, 2011

Visiting Baby Sean

I went to Houston to see my mom and got the added bonus of spending time with my new nephew, Sean. He is such a sweetie pie! I loved getting to babysit and spend one-on-one time with my little cutie pie! March 26-27, 2011

Family Portraits

Our wonderful and talented friend, Kimberli Brackett, took family pictures for us. It's the first time in 14 years we've had it done. They came out great! March 2011.

Donny UIL Competition

Donny's first middle school UIL competition. Go Spirit of Joshua band.

Easter 2011

Spent Easter in Justin again this year. Had a great time with family just eating, hunting eggs, and visiting. April 24, 2011

Zachary Eats Fruit

Zachary works on eating new foods with his in-home trainer. Here he's got a large plate of fruit. He had to sniff and lick each piece before he would eat it. He wasn't happy...but he did it! February 28, 2011

Riding to Waco

We took a cold morning ride down to Waco with some friends from the neighborhood. Brrrr. February 13, 2011

Snow Day

We had horrible weather in February. We missed four days of school! Here's what it looked like - not much for you Northerners...but for Texans...it was a lot! Feburary 4, 2011

Kim Gets Her 2nd Masters' Degree

I finally got my degree from Lamar University. Can't believe I paid what I did for a piece of paper in a tube. Masters' Degree number two - done! January 7, 2011

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