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2018 Misc Tomfoolery

The random chaos that is our these crazies!

Fun at Gigis

I went to Walmart on my way home from work and picked up some crayons, markers, coloring books and a doodle pad for Aiden. We had so much fun with them! 3/9/2018

Benbrook Lake

I took a day off of work and Tony and I went fishing on Benbrook Lake. We didn't catch anything, but it was nice just to be together. 3/7/2018

Riding His Bike

I can't believe that Aiden is riding his the age of TWO!!! He's just such a big boy! 2/19/2018

Parkhust Family Dinner

Just a little family dinner! So silly! 2/18/2018

He Had It Comin' - Or Did He?

Amanda and I got to see exactly half of Chicago at Bass Hall before we had to come home. Zach popped Caleb with his iPad and Caleb needed 2 stitches! 2/17/2018

Caleb and Aiden

Uncle Caleb babysits Aiden a lot...and takes him to the park in Joshua! And of course, it's standard to take a bubble bath in Gigi and Pappy's Jacuzzi tub! 2/17/2018

ROTC Dance

Liam took his new girlfriend, Alana, to the ROTC dance. 2/16/2018

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my love! 2/14/2018

Strawberries and Daddy

Aiden tries strawberries for the first time and then snuggles up with dad! 2/13/2018

Babysitting Aiden

We've been watching Aiden several times a week so Amanda can rehearse for a play she's in. We always have fun! 2/8/2018

A Day With Aiden

A haircut, some time at Barnes and Noble, and a photoshoot...just a typical day in the life of Aiden! 2/8/2018

Dinner with Aiden

Caleb was working as seasonal help at Academy...and the Parkhurst Posse decided to descend upon the store! Then they took Caleb out to eat with them! 2/4/2018

ROTC Tomball Competition

The boys went down to Tomball for an ROTC competition...Caleb's last with the unit. They did well! 2/3/2018

Jurrasic Quest

Donny went with Amanda, Jason, and Aiden to Dallas for Jurassic Quest! 1/14/2018

Cleaning Donny's Room

Since Donny hadn't really unpacked since he moved into the apartment...Mama final came over and made him do it! 1/7/2018