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Assorted Activities and Silliness in 2016

Here is were we put all the random and single photos of the craziness that is The Estes Bunch. Enjoy!

Fall Decorating

Couldn't resist these 3 tiered trays at Hobby Lobby...and now my tables look so festive! 10/29/2016

Tony Wins Again

Tony took Caleb and Liam with him to Fools Fest...and brought home the Taylor Award for biggest Bass...again! Way to go, Chief! 3/31/2016-4/2/2016

Easter 2016

Family and friends, good food and an Easter egg hunt. Add in lots of sunshine and an adorable baby...and this was an Easter to remember! 3/27/2016

Shoot Em Up

Took Caleb, Jason, Tony's friend James, and my friend Leslie to the range for a little target practice. I think we did pretty well! 3/26/2016


I got to go to SXSWEdu (South by Southwest EDU) in Austin this year. It was an amazing experience and I got to meet Temple Grandin! 3/7-3/8/2016

First Spring Ride 2016

Took our first motorcycle ride of the new year! A little windy and chilly, but beautiful. Love riding with my guy! 3/2/2016

Aiden in March

Such cuteness...who can resist? This month the Parkhursts moved back to Texas! Hooray! 3/2016

Dusty's Bridal Shower

What a fun day, hosting a bridal shower for our sweet friend Dusty Hanson. Tropical theme, fun games, and lots of family. 2/26/2016

Men Need Meat

I got a text from my husband, who was apparently tired of casseroles for dinner. It simply stated that he was a man...and men need meat. Ha ha! He got a steak dinner out of that hilarious text. 2/15/2016

Kim Presents For Google

This year during the annual TCEA conference (where I presented), Google invited me to present in their showcase area. I was flattered and the room was packed. Awesome experience! 2/1-2/4/16

Aiden in February

Our sweet little angel in February. 2/2016

Chinese Food With Dad

Tony grabbed Donny and took him out for some Chinese food. It\'s nice to get to do things like this since we don\'t see Donny every day any more. 1/27/2016

Aiden's 6 Month Portraits

Amanda had Aidens 6 month photos taken. Such a cute baby! They recreated many of his newborn photos! 1/17/2016

Van Kim Visits

Tony\'s friend Van, from Australia, came for a short visit. We ate, listened to him play guitar, and had a really great visit. 1/5/2016

West Virginia Bound

Amanda was right, we should've left earlier for the airport. Long TSA lines made them miss their flight...but an hour later they were in the air and made it home safely. 1/2/2016

Bama Buddies

Tony and Liam visited family friends while in Alabama. Tony especially wanted to visit Pete's family. Good times. 1/2 - 1/3/2016

Back to Bama

Tony, Liam, and TJ got up early to tow TJ's truck back to Alabama. Hated saying goodbye. We also reinacted an old photo of Amanda and Tony with Aiden and Tony. 1/1/2016

Happy New Year 2016

So glad to have all of the kids home for the holidays! We rang in the new year as a family...a great way to start 2016. 1/1/2016

Aiden in January

A collection of photos of Aiden at 5 months. Love this boy! 01/2016