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Misc Mayhem in 2015

The insanity that is our family. We wouldn't have it any other way.

New Year's Eve 2015

After the kids went to Hibachi for lunch with friends, we spent the rest of New Year's Eve at home. Rang in the new year together. 12/31/2015

Amanda Turns 27

We spent a quiet day at home for Amanda's birthday. Bonnie, Ollie, and MeeMaw came by and we celebrated both Amanda and TJ's birthday (since he'll be back in Alabama for his birthday). 12/30/2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

We went from 70 degree weather on Christmas Day to snow just three days later. This Texas weather is crazy. 12/28/2015

Christmas Day 2015

Family, presents, and a lazy day. Love spending Christmas with my family. While many napped, Caleb spend the afternoon playing Airsoft with friends. Then a big dinner to top it off. 12/25/2015

Christmas Eve 2015

It was up to Denton again for Christmas Eve with the grandparents Washburn and Estes. We had a white elephant gift exchange and enjoyed tamales and chili for dinner. We also got some generational photos with Tony's grandmother and mother. 12/24/2015

Family Photos 2015

Since I was going to have my kids, parents, and Grandbaby in the house...I set up family photos. It was cold and the wind was awful, but I love my beautiful family. 12/20/2015

Liam Turns 14

I just can't believe that this handsome young man is my last baby. The time is just rocketing forward! We sure love this kid. Happy Birthday, Liam. 12/20/2015

Christmas With G&G Raab

So glad my folks got to spend a few days with us and meet their first Great Grandson. 12/20/2015

Aiden Arrives

Amanda, Jason, and Aiden got into Texas on the 18th. We couldn't wait to see our kids and our grandson! Everyone wanted to hold the baby. We took lots of photos. 12/18-12/24/2015


Tony discovered the Selfie Stick I got as a gift from my Step-Mom, Betty. He had a good time testing it out! 12/13/2015

Belated Birthday Gifts

Zachary got a bunch of wonderful Disney books as a belated birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson! He loved them! 12/8/2015

Kim's Birthday Goodies

I got lots of thoughtful gifts for my birthday! It really made turning 45 a lot easier to take! LOL! 12/7/2015

Holiday Decor 2015

I finally got the tree and decorations up. One day I'll trick out the whole house...this was not that day! 12/6/2015

Aiden in December

More adorable pics of our sweet Aiden's fourth month! 12/01/2015

Thankful For Family

Thanksgiving at Staci's...lots of food, laughs, and family. Missed Amanda's family and TJ...but at least they were together in Alabama. Can't wait to see them all in December. 11/26/2015

Moving the Boys Part 1 - Zachary

We are moving the boys around so everyone gets their own room. Zach moved first to make room for the rest of the moves. 11/22/2015

Caleb and the Balloon

Caleb got a balloon down from the ceiling at the rehab facility...then John hit it and it went to the ceiling...and then it popped when Caleb tried to get it down. Poor Caleb. 11/22/2015

Aiden's 3 Month Portraits

What could be cuter than a baby in a basket? A baby in a Christmas basket! Aiden's 3 month portraits are just adorable! 11/7/2015

John Injury Update - November

Despite a suture abscess, John is making good progress. He can get around on his own and go outside. We'll get those braces off soon and then he can work on getting home! 11/6/2015

Zachary Turns 18

We've had a rough couple of weeks, so Zach's birthday wasn't a big affair. He was happy to get to go to the book store and I ordered him a book he's wanted for a long time. 11/2-11/4/2015

Aiden in November

More wonderful photos of our little man! 11/2015

Happy Haunting

Last minute decorations and two older boys who got to go trick or treating on their own didn't leave much for us to do except pass out candy and enjoy the costumes. 10/31/2015

John Injury Update - October

John had to have double knee surgery and go to an assisted living facility for 6+ weeks to recover from his accident. 10/22/2015

Homecoming 2015

Caleb took a friend to Homecoming so Kim had to whip up a garter and a mum really quick. 10/8/2015

Aiden in October

Just the photos Amanda has shared of our little 3 month old. 10/2015

John Gets Injured

John fell and ripped his quadriceps tendons off of his knees. He had to have surgery to repair it. 9/29/2015

Area 11 TCEA

Kim presented two Google classes during the Area 11 TCEA conference. 9/26/2015

Donny Turns 19

So proud of our boy! His own place, a job...and a happy birthday! 9/21/2015

Meemaw's 95th Birthday

We all headed to Denton to celebrate Meemaw's 95th birthday. It was great to see family members we haven't seen in ages. 9/12/2015

Donny's New Car

We surprised Donny with an early birthday gift...a car of his own. Now we'll use the truck to teach Caleb to drive. 9/2/2015

Aiden in September

Here are images shared by Amanda during Aiden's second month. 9/2015

Caleb's Sweet Sixteen Birthday

My little boy is 16 today. I can't believe how big he's grown. He got to skip school and go skeet shooting and out to eat Chinese food with dad. Then a family party. 8/31/2015

First Day of School 2015

The boys got up and got ready for school. Tony even shaved Zachary. Donny got to stay home for the first time in 12 years. My boys are growing up! 8/24/2015

Kim Gets A New Car

Tony surprised Kim with a new car! A Ford Expedition. Best surprise ever! 8/20/2015

The Botanical Gardens

Kim got to do some training at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. What a great location for a retreat! 8/13/2015

Caleb Gets His Permit

Caleb got his permit in July and the plastic license came this month. Watch out world. He's driving! 8/3/2015

Aiden's Newborn Photo Shoot

Love this little family and our precious grandson. 8/3/2015

Begging At The Table

I wonder why all the dogs are begging at Tony's end of the table. Hmmm. 8/2/2015

Aiden in August

Photos Amanda posted during Aiden's first month. 8/2015

Ready for Aiden - Day 7

Time to take the baby home...and our last day in West Virginia too. Happy and sad day. 7/30/2015

Ready for Aiden - Day 6

Lots of snuggling with our little man today. Can't get enough of this handsome boy. Then we did some laundry and fed Amanda's cats. Finished with dinner at a local diner. 7/29/2015

Ready for Aiden - Day 5

At 12:40pm our first grandson was born. After a few scary moments and an emergency C-section, mommy and baby were doing fine. We are already in love with this precious little man. 7/28/2015

Ready for Aiden - Day 4

Breakfast at the Poky Dot restaurant and then it was time to head to the hospital. They kept Amanda overnight to give her meds to speed up dilation and bring on labor. 7/27/2015

Ready for Aiden - Day 3

Our third day in West Virginia was a quiet one (we didn't take any photos on our second day). Just relaxing with Amanda. 7/26/2015

Ready For Aiden - Day 1

We flew to PA and drove to West Virginia for Aiden's birth. It didn't happen right away, so we got to enjoy our time with Amanda, Jason, and TJ. 7/24/2015

Egged House

In the summer, we have trouble with bored teenagers causing mischief. They egged, toilet papered and spread peanut butter on people's houses and mailboxes. We got hit. 7/22/2015

Google Texas Roadshow

Kim helped plan and speak at the Google Texas Roadshow for Fort Worth. 7/22/2015

She Said Yes to the Dress

Got to help Dusty try on dresses! She found the one! So happy for this beautiful bride-to-be. 7/18/2015

Amanda's Maternity Photos

Amanda and Jason had maternity photos taken. 7/15/2015

Fishin' Buddies

Tony and I went out to test his new fishing boat. Great day! I wasn't even in the lead for a little while! 7/11/2015

4th of July 2015

We had a great day eating, swimming and relaxing with friends. Then it was off to see the fireworks from a great vantage point thanks to another set of friends. Great day! 7/4/2015

Camping with the Boys

Tony and the boys cleaned up the camper and then enjoyed a little camping trip together. 6/20-6/22/2015

Caleb Does Basic

Caleb and his team took best squad at Basic Training during the summer for NJROTC. Proud of our cadet! 6/19/2015

Play Ball

Tony and the boys play catch. 6/20/2015

Kim Keynotes With Google

Kim keynoted at the ASCD Ignite 15 conference with reps from Google. She was also a featured presenter. 6/16/2015

Baby Shower for Amanda

After months of long-distance planning, it was time for Amanda's Baby Shower. Prince Aiden was welcomed in with fun games, family, and a great cake! 6/6/2015

Graduation Party

We threw a graduation luau for Donovan and Faith - as they graduated so closely together. It was a great way to celebrate their accomplishment. So proud of these kids. 6/5/2015

Donovan Graduates

Donovan graduated from high school. We are so proud of our boy! 6/4/2015

Caleb Choir Concert and Awards

Caleb's choir finished the year out with an amazing concert - lots of Disney tunes! And Caleb had a solo! They also did awards during the concert. 5/21/2015

My Spring Flowers

My spring flowers! 5/19-5/29/2015

Breakfast with the Boys

Love it when we get to go out for breakfast together! 5/17/2015

Dinner with the Raab Family

After the Google Summit, we stopped by Josh and Laura's to see them and the boys! We enjoyed a yummy dinner out and some quality time with our nephews! 5/16/2015

Texas Google Summit 2015

Kim presented to packed rooms at the Texas Google Summit in New Caney, Texas...and Tony tagged along for the ride! 5/16/2013

Mothers Day 2015

Happy Mother's Day to me! Beautiful gifts from Tony and Amanda! Blessed! 5/10/2015

Donovan Senior Prom

Donovan looked so dapper for his Senior Prom. Little did we know it would take place in the middle of a tornado warning! They moved the kids to a safe part of the venue and when the danger passed, finished the prom. Whew! 5/9/2015

Donny Senior Photos

Took Donny around town and we took some senior photos. It was fun. Can't believe he's graduating! 5/9/2015

Liam Band Awards

Liam got a one at a UIL Band competition! So proud! 5/5/2015

Young Life Antics

Caleb is a member of the Christian group, Young Life. They always have fun events for the kids. This one was a little messy! 5/4/2015

Silly Liam

Just chilling out on the rides at the local Walmart! 5/2/2015

Skeet Champion

Caleb and Tony competed in a Young Life Skeet Shooting contest. Caleb won for his age group! We were so proud of him! 4/25/2015

Poor Papa

Papa Larry had to have surgery, so Kim went down to help out. 4/21/2015

Liam Cooks

Liam's turn to cook and he chose White Trash Casserole...he loves it! He did a great job cooking it! 4/18/2015

My Roses

Every year, I love to watch our rose bush bloom. It smells heavenly and is a welcoming site as I drive up to the house. 4/13/2015

Never Give Caleb Your Phone

You'd think I'd have learned to hide my phone while Caleb's in the car...sigh. 4/12/2015

Donny Cooks

I decided it was time the boys started learning to cook their own food (a little late...I know). Donny chose Cheeseburger Pie for his first recipe. It was delicious! 4/11/2015

Tony Wins The Taylor...Again

Tony had a great time at the annual Fools Fest - Taylor Camp Out and Bass Tournament. He brought home the prize for biggest fish...second year in a row! 4/10-4/12/2015

Easter at Home

A traditional Estes Easter with goodies and an egg hunt with two golden eggs this year! 4/5/2015

Easter at Grandma Bonnie's

Tons of fun at Grandma Bonnie's celebrating an early Easter with the family. 4/4/2015

Crazy Boys (Again)

It's always silly when the boys ride with me in the car! 4/4/2015

My Wisteria Bloomed

This was the first year that my wisteria really produced a lot of blooms. Two days later they were gone thanks to some bad wind and rain. But they were beautiful while it lasted. 3/31/2015

I'm on a Billboard

My district put my face on a billboard! It was a congratulations for my winning IT of the Year! 3/27/2015

Baby Parkhurst Gender Reveal

Amanda and Jason had baby gender reveal photos taken. We're having a Boy!!! Aiden Keith Parkhurst. 3/16/2015

Caleb Gets Promoted

Caleb earned a promotion in NJROTC! We were so proud of our cadet! 3/4/2015

Snow Days

February brought snow and a few snow days off of school! Brrr! We're not used to this in Texas. 2/27/2015

Bang Bang Pow Pow

Tony, Kim, and Caleb went to the range and did a little target practice. It's safe to say that anyone breaking into our house would be in a world of trouble! 2/21/2015

And More Selfies

My boys love to ham it up for the camera. 2/20-2/23/2015

Valentine's Flowers

A sweet Valentine's Day surprise for Kim from Amanda. 2/13/2015

Tony's Tattoo

Tony got a tattoo in honor of his brother, Russell. It's the archangel Michael defeating Satan and sending him to Hell. 2/11/2015

Old School Spirograph

John bought a Spirograph at Hobby Lobby, and the boys spent hours learning to use it. Kim showed them all how it was done! 2/11/2015

Zachary Goes Dancing

Zachary travelled with his Special Ed class to Joshua ISD for a dance. He had a blast! 2/6/2015

IT of the Year, Google, and Austin

This year Kim's annual trip to Austin for the TCEA conference was extra special. She got to go to a special event at Google headquarters in Austin and she won IT of the Year for the state of Texas. 2/1-2/6/2015

Selfie Boy

Our handsome boy...he loves to take selfies! 1/24/2015

Superbowl Munchies

Tony made himself a nice little spread of wings and dip to enjoy the Superbowl this year. 1/11/2015