Typical Craziness in 2013

Just random craziness that we get ourselves into throughout the year.

Amanda's 25th Birthday

Amanda was able to come home for her 25th birthday! So glad to see her. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to have her living so far away. Love our little girl! 12/30/2013

Hunting Buddies

Tony and I spent some quality time together at the hunting lease - although I did more sleeping than hunting! 12/27/2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We all headed up to Denton to spend Christmas Eve with the family at Bonnie and Ollie's. There was great food, fun, and our traditional white elephant gift exchange. Missed not having Amanda and TJ there, but it was still a happy, crowded occasion. Then we headed home and while the boys slept...Santa and his elves got our house ready for Christmas morning. 12/24/2013

Liam is 12

Our youngest boy has turned 12! Hard to believe he's getting to be so big! Love this kid! 12/20/2013

Liam Takes First Place

Liam's science project took first place in the Botany category for his school! He advanced! So proud! 12/11/2013

Deck the Halls

The house is ready for the holiday! Ho ho ho! 12/9/2013

Snow and Ice

We got snow and ice in the first full week of December. The ice did quite a bit of damage at Liam's school and was dangerous as it fell off the tin roof four days later! 12/6/2013

2nd Thanksgiving

Tony was gone on a hunting trip for Thanksgiving...so the day he came home, I served up an entire second Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Cooked the turkey breast in the crockpot and made all the fixin's - it was super yummy. 12/1/2013

Liam's Science Fair Project

Liam wanted to show how flowers absorb more than water from the soil, so we put food coloring in the water, and charted the results. 11/29/2013

Thanksgiving at Staci's

Tony went to the lease for a week, so we headed to Staci's for a family Thanksgiving dinner. 11/28/2013

Caleb's Last Football Game

We cheered our #13 on throughout his last game as an 8th grader! Go owls! 11/5/2013

Zachary's 16th Birthday

Our sweet boy was 16 today! Cheesecake, candles, presents, and Amanda and Jason on Skype. Happy Birthday, Zach. 11/2/2013

Halloween 2013

Costumes, Kids, and Eye Candy!!! Tony used his bike as lighting and music for the evening. The candy brought the kids in, but that bike brought in all the guys in the neighborhood! 10/301/2013

Spook-tacular Decor

Tony was in charge of the Halloween decor and did a spook-tacular job of getting the house ready for Halloween. 10/30/2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Tony brought home pumpkins for he and the boys to carve for Halloween. They had a good time creating their designs! 10/30/2013

UIL Band Contest

The SOJ Band marched in the Division 1 UIL Competition and were amazing! Proud of Donny! 10/19/2013

Precious Puppy

Love this little Romeo! 10/11/2013

Hailey's Senior Mum

Staci asked me to make Hailey's Senior Mum. It even lights up! 9/29/2013

Donny's 17th Birthday

Happy birthday to our big 17 year old. So proud of this young man! 9/21/2015

Caleb 8th Grade Football

Caleb playing for the 8th Grade team. Go owls! 9/17/2013

John's Birthday 2013

Happy 45th birthday, Uncle John! Amanda and Jason even Skyped in for the event! 9/10/2013

Zach Beads

Zachary spelled the name of his favorite movie in beads - The Making of Peter Pan. He's so smart! 9/7/2013

Donny's Home Game

Donny's first home game of 2013. I only go to football games to see the band. 9/6/2013

Caleb Turns 14

My sweet boy turned 14. You can tell there was a definite theme to his birthday this year! Quack! 8/31/2013

Back to School, Baby!

It's that time again! Yep...back to school, baby! 8/26/2013

8th Grade Football

Caleb was ready to represent the Owls as an 8th Grade Football player. Time to play! 8/20/2013

Rockin' Convocation

Every year I help to plan Convocation for my district. Think of it as a pep rally for teachers as they come back to school. This year's theme...BISD Rocks. 8/19/2013

Band Nerds Rule

August means marching band practice. Donny's rocking the pink shirt too! Go SOJ Band! 8/16/2013

Happy 4th Y'all!

We spent a great 4th of July cooking out with friends and neighbors! 7/4/2013

Tony's New Boat

One look at this boat and Tony was in love. One test drive...and he had to have it. It even matched my nails...it was meant to be, he said! LOL! Yes...he got it! 6/29/2013

Kim Presents at ISTE

Kim and the LT team presented at the International Society of Technology Educators conference in San Antonio. 6/23-6/25/2013

Liam's Awards 2013

Time for end of school awards again! Liam got two awards this year! So proud! 6/5/2013

Amanda Comes To Visit

Amanda came home to be a bridesmaid in her friend Carlie's wedding. We loved having her home even for such a short visit. 5/25-5/26/2013

Sprucing Up the Yard

Spruced up the front yard a little more this month. Love our flowers, and the wisteria is growing. 5/24/2013

BHS Here Comes Zachary

Zachary took a trip over to Burleson High School to see where he'll be attending high school in the fall. He found a Disney movie playing in the library and settled in to watch. 5/24/2013

Liam in the Living Museum

Liam dressed up like Thomas Jefferson for the North Joshua Elementary Living History Museum. 5/24/2013

Renaissance Faire 2013

Took the gang (Amanda's girls and Donny) to the Waxahachie Renaissance Faire. What a great time we had! 5/19/2013

Tony turns 45

We threw a big party for Tony's 45th birthday! Lots of food, fun, and family. 5/18/2013

Spring Beauties

Got new plants to decorate our yard with, including a wisteria vine...I'm excited to see it grow! 4/20/2013

Easter 2013

We all converged on Staci and Jerrell's house in Venus for time with family for Easter this year. 3/31/2013

PVAMU Div 1 Women's Basketball Championship

Kim drove down to Waco and met her parents to cheer on the PVAMU Women's basketball team during the Div 1 Championship game. 3/24/2013

Zach's New Blanket

Amanda had her sister-in law, Jamie, create an Autism fleece blanket for Zachary. He loved how soft and snuggly it was! 3/16/2013


Got our gardening on and beautified the front yard! I even added a little gnome Toad Abode! I love it when we can put spring flowers in our yard. So pretty! 3/14/2013

Teddy Moves to Valentine, TX

Tony's cousin, Susan, gave Teddy a brand new home in her Kindergarten class. So, he rode shotgun all the way to Valentine, Texas where he's very happy. 3/11/2013

New Fridge

Tony got me the French door fridge I'd been wanting! Hooray for lots more room for all of our food! 3/9/2013

Hoops for Hearts

Liam raised money for Hoops for Hearts and got to enjoy playing in the gym with his friends as a reward. 2/21/2013

Heart Attack

I spent Valentine's Day in the hospital cardiac wing...for what we thought was a heart attack. Turned out to be an esophageal spasm caused by my ulcer and stress. Thank goodness...the ticker is strong and healthy! 2/14/2013

New Year, New 'Do

A new year means time for a new look! Tony and I cut our hair short! 1/19/2013

Weighted Blanket Bliss

Best Christmas gift EVER! Zach loves his Toy Story weighted blanket from Grandma Lettie! 1/17/2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Freezing temps and some snow and ice to start off the year. Ah well...it's January. 1/15/2013

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