Corn Dog Poppers and Chili!

Posted on February 3, 2012

So…last night I made bacon, egg, and cheese bagels and homemade hashbrown casserole. The bagels were awesome…if you ignore that I ruined half a package of bacon by burning it to a crisp. I hate bacon. It is my kryptonite. Thank you to all of my fabulous friends who sent me instructions on how to bake it! Hate that popping grease!

Speaking of popping…that leads me to tonight’s dinner…mini corn dog poppers and chili. Found the idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a go…yums! Everyone seemed to like them and they were super easy to make! I think this will be a good one to whip up for group gatherings like football games, or when the guys are hanging out in the garage working on their Harleys.

Here’s the recipe for the corn dog poppers. Use any chili you want. I have a great recipe for four bean chili – but I’ll post that another time!

Mini Corn Dog Poppers


  • Mini muffin tin
  • Hot dogs (recommend any really thick beefy dog)
  • Corn Bread Mix (or make your own if you’ve got a favorite corn bread recipe)


  1. Mix up your corn bread batter
  2. Pour batter into mini muffin tin
  3. Cut hot dogs into about 1 inch pieces (more like 3/4 of an inch) – you should get about 6 pieces per dog.
  4. Put one hot dog piece in the center of each muffin (should stick out just a bit from the batter)
  5. Cook at 375 for 15-25 minutes (depends on how you like your corn bread – 20 worked great for us)

That’s it! My mini muffin tin makes 24 muffins and I filled it twice with one mix from the store. That served 5 people (plus they had chili).

If you are making any of these recipes – leave a comment and let me know how it worked out for you!


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